Cereal Nite

That's how dinner turned out tonite - cereal all around. I often make homemade pizza = good. Mark & I love buffalo wings. So, the thought of pizza + buffalo wings = good. Wrong. Actually the problem was the "spiciness". Yowsers!!!!!!!!! Both my boys could hardly take a bite. Mark and I tried to eat it, but were simply overpowered by the spice. So, in the end, we were chowing down on bowls of cereal. Major flub. I can't really recall the last time we totally had to 'toss' out what I made for dinner.



Blog hopping this a.m. and came across this painting - it's so awesome how God puts things right in front of you with His perfect timing -we were just discussing 'thankfulness' last nite in our small group and the importance of giving God thanks at all times -for everything!!!! I love this scripture and have now added it as my wallpaper on my computer- as a gentle reminder that I'll see each time I sit down to the computer (which is alot!).
BTW, to give credit to the 'painter' see The Old Post Road at www.theoldpostroad.blogspot.com


Love this boy!!!

I was trying to get pics of Anderson & Carter in their UGA spirit, but was unsuccessful - but I did love this classic Carter picture. This totally captures my little man's personality right now - happy happy happy!!!!! I love him sooooo!
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Putting up Walls

We've recently decided to "wall-in" our office to separate it from our living area. The previous owners used what will be our office as a piano room - but hello we have no piano!! This last weekend Mark's parents came for a brief visit and when I was telling Mark's Dad Scott my 'desire' to build a wall and french doors -he replied with 'that's easy - we could do that right now'. I was excited at how 'easy' Scott thought the project would be -since he would be the expertise that Mark needed. Come Saturday morning and Anderson's tball is rained out (yet again) and so the opportunity presented itself to 'buid the wall'. Mark's mom and I ran to Trader Joe's with my boys and when we came back - the wall was already studded!! They were able to get the wall sheetrocked and a 1st layer of 'mudding' done before Scott had to head back to Macon. He'll return next weekend and I can't wait to show you the finished product!!!! Here's a sneak peek.

"Before" from the living room looking into the office

"Before" looking from the office into my living room

"Before" looking from foyer

"During" look at those studs!!! (hee hee)

Wow, there's a wall there now!!!

We are also going to paint the entire living room and foyer (not to mention the upstairs hallways) so we've got major work going on over here!!! One day.....

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Date with Dad

Anderson had "Date with Dad" day at school - and of course, the usual fare of "doughnuts" were served. As a present for Daddy, Anderson had prepared a little book for Mark including some fun facts about Daddy. Some of them he hit right on the mark (sorry, pun intended), the others he was a bit off - - I'll let you determine which was which! ;)

How tall is your Daddy: 4 ft tall
How old is your Daddy: 30 years old
What does your Dad like to cook: hot dogs
Your Daddy's favorite food: cheese grits
Your favorite thing to do with Daddy: play basketball
Your Daddy's favorite thing to do: watch me (Anderson) play t-ball
I love my Daddy because: he reads books to me
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"in the closet"

Look who I found 'in the closet'???
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Checked off my list- finally!

Have you ever had one of those projects that just stays on your to-do list forever? When we lived in VA I bought some stuff so I could start hanging Anderson's schoolwork on the wall for display - I think I've had the supplies for atleast 2years (maybe longer) - it was on my giant list of things I wanted to do, but couldn't find the time to get it done. I had a lot of those when I was working and trying to 'do it all'. Well I'm ecstatic to report that FINALLY my little project is done. It was such a simple project - I had to paint 2 wooden stars, hang them on the wall (thanks Mark), thread some wire across them and then hang the artwork. At any rate, I was so glad to 'cross this off my list' that I had to post about it. Jen -you probably thought 'yeah, right Heather' when I kept talking about doing it, so better late than never!!!!
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The verdict: Carter can hear you!

I have been a little concerned about Carter's hearing over the last several months - I knew my little man could hear, I just wasn't sure how well. When his ears were tested last year after his tubes were 'installed', one of his ears passed, the other failed. Satan did what he could to turn that 'failure' into worry for Mommy. Some of his speech is very muted, especially certain sounds so I wanted to be certain his hearing was intact, so I had his ears tested on Wednesday. The verdict: the little guy can hear you perfectly!! They did 3 tests on him - one was to determine if his tubes were still in (they both are!), the second was a "puppet" show in a soundproof booth -which was fun, and the 3rd was the dreaded put earplugs in a 2year old's ears and see how long he can sit there without pulling them out or flipping out. He passed all three with flying colors. Whew. The audiologist also provided some sheets indicating by which ages kiddos should make what sounds in their speech. The information gave me great comfort that my little fella is doing just fine. So praise the Lord!
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Carter does Cracker Barrell

The Judds did something rare tonite - we went out to dinner as a family!!! These events are few and far between, but we had a giftcard and so we headed to Cracker Barrell tonite before our small group meets at our house. We figured it was a great opportunity to have a yummy meal and not have to worry about cleaning the kitchen before our home is descended on by guests.

So we all stuffed ourselves silly at good ole Cracker Barrell, but Carter did some major damage including 2 biscuits with honey, 1 large pancake with syrup and 1 piece of bacon. I can hardly eat another bite after 2 biscuits myself so I don't know where Carter was putting it all!!!

I LOVE this pic - fork in one hand, racecar in other hand (a must!) and bacon in mouth!!!
(Monica - do you like Carter's shirt - a la Heather -it turned out really cute!!!)

Trying to share with Daddy!
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Rain Rain Go Away!!!

So it's been raining for a week straight with no end in sight. I can't believe it is still raining - HARD!!! Anderson's 1st tball game was rained out -big bummer, but we decided that today after church, we needed to let the boys indulge a bit in the rainy weather....

the "before" shot...

didn't take Carter long to transform his outfit!

Anderson kept jumping in this mud puddle and the muddy water was literally running down his legs - you should have seen the uck that was dumped out of his boots!

Oh and yes, this muddy mess is my lovely back yard!!! Our backyard is grass challenged because of the shade provided by the trees. Mark is dying to 'attack' our yard to get some grass growing, but at any rate - the dirt patches have now turned into - you guessed it - mud puddles.

The clothes are already soaking in the laundry!
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Sound Effects

My camera is en route to Canon as it's not working - I'm kinda hoping that its a cheap fix, otherwise I'm going to need your help convincing my DH that I need a nice new camera - I've been having some major camera envy lately - mostly due to my sister-in-law's mother's day gift, but I have been good and been in the "my camera works just fine" mode and we don't need another expense right now (hello I have a new house!!!). Enter my camera not working and an upgrade in the camera department sure would be nice!!!!

At any rate, that's not the purpose of my post - except the fact that I can't show you what I'm witnessing right now. Any of you that have boys can appreciate the 'vrooms' and 'buzzes' and 'beeps' and crash noises that boys can make - they have these amazing sound effects that just 'come with the package'. Right now I'm enjoying Anderson buzzing and driving around my house with a Mac truck and the quietness that Carter is providing as he is napping. Usually Carter is joined in with his brother - especially since his speech isn't great - I hear alot more 'noise' from him.

At any rate - I just wanted to get this in writing because I know one day, probably not too distant from now, I won't hear the vrooms and crashes as often - or at all. So hear's to all the sound effects that my sweet little boys make.... I love them!