Summer weekends....

Should we ever leave the Va Beach area, I would miss summer weekends the most - they are jammed pack with trips to the beach and the pool, and softball games, etc!!!

This past weekend Mark's sister Katie-Beth came in town for a quick visit - it was great to spend some time with her -she is so much fun!

Ryan & Anderson "waiting for the waves"Paul introduces Avery to the ocean!

A couple of my sisters-in-law - Rebekah & Katie Beth...

Mark, Katie-Beth & my little Carter

Carter unhappy that the "big boys" are in the dugout and he isn't....

Ryan & Anderson - honorary 'bat boys'! They were lovin' it!!!

This is what Anderson DREAMS about at night - being able to run the bases. After the guys' game, they let the little kids run the bases..... Anderson was in HEAVEN!!!!


My little fish!!

Anderson 'graduated' from his swim lessons tonite at the Y. After what had started off as a not-so-great experience with swim lessons at the Y, ended up a great success! The 1st class Anderson was enrolled in was terrible - after the 2nd class Anderson's hair was barely wet- anyone who has ever seen Anderson near the water knows "that just ain't right!". After being the 'squeaky wheel' Mom, I had him changed to another class - and Anderson was the only 'pre-schooler' in his class meaning he got the teacher all to himself!!! (so speak up Mommies!) Anderson's teacher was so amazing with him and you could tell he was having a great time teaching Anderson. Tonite was the last nite and they could 'play' the whole time - Jason was taking Anderson to the deep end and showing him how to dive and then persuaded him to jump off the starter's block. I think Jason was having as good a time as Anderson! Anderson got his 'report card' and graduated with top honors! I'm so proud of my little fish!

Anderson and his awesome teacher, Mr. Jason

Mr. Jason teaching Anderson how to dive

Watch me, Anderson!

It's not that high Anderson - "you can do it!"
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Judds go it alone at BG

At the last minute on Friday afternoon, our weekend plans of driving to Charlotte to meet my brand new niece Anna were foiled - I went to pick up the boys at Katy's and was greeted with suspicions of Carter being sick. I hurried to get Carter to do the doctor who basically confirmed that the Judds Charlotte plans be cancelled - for fear of getting newborn baby Anna sick. While we were majorly bummed (especially Anderson), we made lemonade out of lemons and had a great family weekend. We took the boys to Busch Gardens on Saturday - our 1st time 'by ourselves' (we've accompanied the Maggiores our last 2 visits). We went on our 1st family ride together - we all did the Le Scott Flume ride - yep, even Carter. That was a bit scary -not sure I'll do that again with a 13month old on my lap. We all got drenched, but it was a fun 1st! Anderson rode several rides all by himself, and Anderson & Carter rode on a couple of rides together - it was so much fun watching Carter get on his 1st rides!!! Sunday we wrapped up our weekend at the beach with the Maggiores, and who else happened to be there - the Schrodts! It was a great time hanging with friends on an amazing evening where the kids could have a blast in the water and us parents could chat!

Up, Up & Away! Anderson flies solo!

Captain Anderson & his 1st mate Carter

Hold on Carter!!!!!!!!!
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6 week challenge - w eek 1

Ok, so after procrastinating a while about needing to get in shape and seeing one too many bathingsuit shots, I enlisted in the 6week challenge at the Y. I wanted to sign up for the 12week challenge but they were full til next month - I didn't want to procrastinate yet again so maybe this was the Lord's gentle way telling me to 'start slow'.... Anyway, Tuesday was nite 1 - I have to work out at least 3 days a week for 6 weeks. I'm encouraged and motivated by the silly sticker chart on the wall showing my 'stars'. I have to be held accountable and somehow the stickers do the trick!! Anyway, so far so good!

Blast at the Beach

At this point, everyone else has blogged about our Small Group Beach Day - we had an absolute blast spending time with many dear friends at the beach. The Ratz were so kind to bring their boat to take everyone for a spin. The ladies took a "mommy boat ride" which ended up being a Dolphin showdown - we probably saw 40 dolphins or so - really neat - Anderson said I should have ridden one of the dolphins like Diego - maybe next time buddy! We had such a great time and can't look forward to next year! What a blessing to have so many wonderful friends to create such awesome memories together!

Surfer dudes Ryan & Anderson

Precious blond beach bums - Carter & Hamilton (don't they kinda look alike?

Joe apparently missed his a.m. workout - thought he would push 120lbs + or so around the beach
Going offshore with the Rollee!
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Mommy boat ride - Jamie, Sue, Natalie, Tiffany, Jen, Katy, me (& Dave)

Anderson got to ride on the boat too - with some of his best buds - Josiah & Jacob

Mimi & Poppi

My parents flew in for a 5day visit with us Judds - to spend time with their only grandchildren. We had a great time with them as they followed us for 'days in the life of a Judd'. The boys had a great time with Mimi & Poppi - Anderson was glad to give them his bedroom so that he could slumber in his sleeping bag on Mommy & Daddy's floor - special treat! So glad that the transition back to his room went smooth - I was a little nervous!

Mimi & Carter

Mimi & her grandsons

Mimi, Poppi & the Judd boys

Poppi & his 1st grandson
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Know when to hold 'em....

I simply couldn't resist posting this picture- what a man in the making - a remote control in one hand, an 'Ace' in the other hand, all while enjoying the tube..... Isn't he too cute!!
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My very 1st sewing project

My sweet sister-in-law Rebekah has been teaching me how to sew - somehow I missed that lesson in Home Ec....

This was my 1st project - a fabric baby block. This is one of Rebekah's 'signature' items, so she disclosed the secret to the block... I'm so proud of my very 1st creation - isn't it cute!! She's a great teacher - I can't wait til our next project! Monica, if you are reading this, close your eyes (block is for Anna!)
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One Great 4th of July

We had an awesome 4th of July - to start with, we headed to the beach with the Saunders fam. It was HOT HOT HOT! The kiddos had fun in the sun and surf. We headed home after lunch for some much needed naps for the boys.
Beach Baby Carter
In the evening we had a get-together with some friends to watch the fireworks from our home. You can catch the Mt Trashmore fireworks with much less fanfare (and traffic). Plus we have the golf course behind us which proves to be a BLAST for the kids. We are so blessed to have such good friends here that we can celebrate these good times with!
And added bonus - we challenged the men to show us their cartwheels - and surprisingly, all of the men obliged. I've documented their 'moves' below.....

Uncle Paul 'tossing' Carter in the air.... I don't think Carter minds, do you?

my precious little firework

Natalie was AWESOME with the boys - she played baseball with them on the golfcourse -here Parker is batting and Anderson & Ryan are playing in the outfield while Greyson is in the 'on deck' circle....

And the rockets red glare.....
Parker, Alexander, Ryan & Anderson

Watching intently ....
Anderson, Ryan, Alexander, Parker & Greyson

Chris Purcell starting off the cartwheel showdown...

Uncle Paul doing his stuff...

Kevin 'attempting' to do a cartwheel....
Mark showing-off his cartwheel or should we say 'round-off'...

Dave Ratz performs...

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Anna Elizabeth Judd

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