Time to Wrestle!

I take a peak out my back door and what do I see - but two little boys rolling around in the backyard having a blast. Granted, I see this image - boys wrestling just about all day everyday - but this particular instance just warmed my heart because they were just giggling and loving every minute of their all-boy time together. Plus, it just captured, so perfectly, the bond my little guys have together.

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An introduction

Anderson holding his new cousin

We were blessed with a quick visit from Paul, Rebekah, Avery and their new sweet baby - little Adam. It was a whirlwind visit but we were glad to introduce our boys to their new cousin- we were able to meet Adam during our moving spree in VA in June, but we didn't have Anderson & Carter with us - so this time they got to meet! I just know Adam will be very special to my boys.
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Anderson & Carter July 2009

Today I did something I don't do very often - I took the boys to have their pictures taken. The last time I had pictures taken of the boys was April 2008 - I did a large portrait of the boys together at that time and got many individuals of Carter - but he was still such a babe! Sure, I have a gazillion 'snapshots' since and some that I consider very frameworthy, but none that were by a professional. I took the boys to a local Portrait Innovations just to satisfy my recent desire to get a couple pics of the boys before Anderson heads back to school next month. Even though it was quite an ordeal and a good reminder of why I don't do this very often, I was pleased with the end products. The pics I ordered also have muted black vignettes on them as well, but you get the idea from the images below.

Carter Christopher - 2 years old

Anderson Scott- 4 1/2 years old

Brothers, best friends
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Juddz Dig Chikn

So everyone knows about the annual 'Cow Appreciation Day' at CFA, so I pressured Mark into dressing up like a cow to get our free dinner. He resisted and resisted and tried to get out of it, so I just said - that's fine, I guess you can have a bowl of cereal, because me & the boys are having CFA! Fortunately, I was able to twist his arm. I mean, we truly did 'cow-lite', here you can't see our spots or our tails and we didn't wear our snouts. Oh, the things we do for free food!

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Enjoying the Summer

We've had lots of fun the last few weeks settling into our new home and enjoying the fruits of summer!

We got to celebrate Evan's 5th bday - the boys put a sprinkler on the slide and voila' = instant slip n' slide and fun for little boys.

Team effort blowing out Evan's candles...

Mark took Anderson to his very 1st major league baseball game - the Braves won!!!!

Anderson taking the slide with power at a friend's bday party!
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