1st Day of 4K!!

Anderson started 4K this week - he wasoooooo excited to start at his new school. He is going 4days a week - Mon thru Thursday and his class is basically the "young 5s" -they are kids who are either repeating 4K b/c of a late bday or missed the Kindergarten cut-off bday (like Anderson). I've heard nothing but great remarks on the school and even better comments on his teachers - that he'll be beyond prepared for Kindergarten.

On his first day of school, I let him choose his breakfast of choice - and who could blame him for picking donuts.... yummo. He even made his bed and brushed his teeth without being asked. By Tuesday, he was still excited to go to school, but not as eager to make his bed!!!

enjoying his dunkin donuts (see my pretty anniversary flowers)

Anderson made his bed all by himself - notice the big fat lumps (hey, but I'm NOT complaining!!!)

Here he is - my big 4Ker!!
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Perfect Size

So Mark & I are in the process of 'de-wallpapering' our powder room -and we had kinda saved the least fun parts of the bathroom for last - like the part under the potty and this space - under the sink. One day during Carter's naptime I was busy at work peeling away and who should come in to offer a hand - but Anderson. He quickly got to work under the sink peeling away the wallpaper. So handy to have a 4year old for the job! Can't wait to show you my reveal of the powder room when it's done!!!
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