Hallelejah Harvest 2007

Tonite was the church's annual Hallelejah Harvest and we had a great time. I think Anderson gets just as excited about riding the school bus to the church as he does getting dressed up & getting candy. Anderson was Spiderman and Carter was my little teddy bear. We chowed down on some hot dogs & chili when we arrived then made our way to the 'trunk or treating'. Anderson got enough candy to last the whole year (I'm sure we can help him with that!)

Erin, Anderson & Ryan

Anderson meets Chuck E. Cheese

Anderson's good bud, Niko, wasn't able to make it to his 3rd bday party so we decided to get together with the Liberatores to let the boys celebrate their bdays together - (Niko's bday is 2 days after Anderson). We had never taken Anderson to Chuck E Cheese so this appeared to be the perfect opportunity for Anderson to meet the lovable (?) mouse.

yes, yes I know he's wearing the Georgia shirt AGAIN, but hey - it was Gameday afterall (BTW our beloved Dawgs beat the Gators!!!!) Be warned - expect many more future blog photos in the beloved shirt!

Anderson & Bob the Builder

Playing air hockey with Daddy

This was close enough to Chuck E for Anderson - we were actually really proud of him - he doesn't usually get this close to large 'personalities'...

So hard to get photos of 3 year olds - this was the best pic I could get of Anderson & Niko.


Beechnut Babe

Another milestone - Carter enjoyed his first non-milk meal this evening as he tried rice cereal for the first time. He's been giving me some gentle nudges lately that his 6:00 feeding just wasn't doing it for him anymore and so I finally took the hints and introduced rice cereal to him at the tender age of 4 months, 4 weeks - I had wanted to wait til 5 months, but oh well!!! He seemed to like it ...

Rub a dub dub, Carter loves to be in the tub!!!

It is such a joy every nite to give Carter a bath - I can't remember him ever crying in the bathtub. I know these joyful bathtimes can't possibly last forever, so I wanted to document how much I love bathing Carter now! Of course Carter has big brother in the bath with him too, which makes it that much more fun!!!

Anderson - King for the Day!!

At Anderson's school, they had a belated birthday celebration for him - they decorated the foyer with banners & ribbons and Anderson was 'king for the day'. His teacher made him a crown and a badge to wear - he looked so cute! He received a birthday certificate and got to bring a balloon home! He was so happy in his garb!!!


Pumpkin Patch

It just wouldn't be the fall without a trip to the Pumpkin Patch - only thing is it didn't feel like fall, but more like late summer - oh well! We met the usual crew the Saunders & Maggiores at Taylor Farm. This was one of Anna's first outings - hard to believe that this little girl just had open heart surgery!!

Our little punkins! I think Carter is picking up his mommy's Starbucks addiction!!
Petting the billygoats....
Look - its the Chic-fil-a cow!!!!
Tractor time!!
I love that Emily is hanging with the big kids now!!!


Uh oh, better buckle up!

Yep, Carter is trying to roll over in his bouncy seat!! I guess its time to start using those seatbelts!!! The image of little Callie S trying to get out of her bouncy seat is coming to mind.....

A Schrodt for the Day!

When we told Katy that Anderson wasn't going to be able to be at Jacob's 3rd bday party b/c mommy had to work that day, she just wouldn't have it!! She offered to take Anderson for the day - just like old times. I dropped off Anderson in the a.m. and picked him up that nite - only thing is he didn't want to come home -he had such a good time with his buds Jacob & Josiah (or Bo-siah as he's referring to him now!) Anderson had a great time at the bday celebration and loved painting his 'punkin'! We are so grateful for our friends! Thanks again Schrodts!


Two more nites without the paci!

I'm here to report that naptime & bedtimes have gone really well without the paci. Anderson will mention that he wants his paci, but we'll explain to him that the Paci Fairy took them and he's OK with that. Of course, I don't consider us 'out of the woods' yet!!! I can't believe my sweet boy doesn't need his paci anymore!


Paci Fairy - nite 1

Well, we've been prepping Anderson for months that the Paci fairy would come on the nite of his 3rd birthday. While he's been soooo excited about the Paci fairy coming to take his pacis and leave him a present, I knew he didn't REALLY understand that the pacis would really be GONE forever!! So while he's been excited, I've been dreading this day and the sleep compromise it would cause! So last nite while Anderson was out playing, the Paci fairy (also known as Mommy) stole away the last 2 pacis and replaced them with a special present. My brother & his wife had sent Anderson a UGA football jersey for his bday - we knew that Anderson would LOVE it, so we used that as the paci fairy present. When we went upstairs to start reading books last nite Anderson was slightly confused at the package left on his bed, but once he realized what it was, he started getting so excited with disbelief. His innocent bewilderment almost made me cry, but I held back. He opened the present and loves loves loves his new shirt -in fact- I told him he could sleep in it, knowing the likely struggle to come sans paci! Obviously the paci provided a level of security that chased away all fears from the darkness, noises, etc because as soon as we left his room he started whimpering about noises he was hearing. After a few trips back to his room, I finally laid down with him until he was asleep and left his room with baited breath. To our relief, Anderson slept thru the nite without another whimper though today our day started a little earlier than we would have liked (6:20am). I have to say, nite 1 went much better than expected. I'll have another report later with nap 1 without the paci along with nites 2, etc! For those friends who will see him in the coming weeks, your encouragement to him would be greatly appreciated!!! Here's a snapshot of him in his Paci fairy present - isn't it cool!!

Fun with Family

Last week Mark's mom 'Nana' was in town to help Paul & Rebekah prepare for Avery's arrival -she reallly wanted to be here for the week after the birth, but you know how babies have their own schedules! Anyway, we were so glad to see Nana and the boys got some quality time with her! She is such a wonderful helper when she comes in town - you don't even have to ask - she just finds a way to help and does it! We are sooo grateful for Nana and love her so much!

Yesterday I took the boys to meet their new cousin Avery - here she is!! Isn't she beautiful!!
The boys enjoyed cuddling with Uncle Paul, as usual. This visit was with the new Daddy Uncle Paul -and boy was he tired! He had only 2 hours sleep the nite before with Avery's 1st nite home!!



For Anderson's 3rd bday, we gave him a Diego Scooter & a Spiderman helmet. He was having a blast, taking it for a spin! Lookout world, Anderson has his 1st set of wheels!


Birthday Party!!!!

We celebrated Anderson's 3rd birthday on Saturday with a costume party and some of his best friends!!! Anderson was Spiderman, of course. The weather was perfect and the kids had a blast. We enjoyed some chili & hot dogs with cupcakes for dessert. Some of us adults joined in on the costume action too - I wore angel wings (how appropriate ; ), aunt Katie Beth was Dorothy, Mark was Batman and Nana was some type of 'cowboy'??? We're so thankful for Anderson's friends and the roles they have in his life!!

Ryan, future professional baseball player!

Mr. Schrodt (I mean Batman)

Look at these girls!!! Precious - Callie (6mo) and Emily (11mo)

Hey, where did the ball go???

mmmm, cupcakes!!

Anderson got the movie 'Cars' as a present -he could hardly wait for his guests to leave to watch the movie! (sorry - quite rude!) Mark couldn't relinquish the TV as the Bulldawgs were playing, so we hooked up the portable DVD player for Anderson.

Carter, just as cuddly as a teddybear!

Birthday boy himself - Anderson (aka Spiderman)

Daddy (Batman) and Carter

That's the other Spiderman fighting the bubbles (Josiah)

Group picture -

back row - Josiah, Jacob, Erin, Ryan & Anderson
front row - Carter, Emily & Callie

Just call me Angel

Jacob - to be 3 on Wednesday

Somewhere over the rainbow (that's aunt Katie-Beth)

Happy "Birth"day Avery! (she's here!)

My sweet niece has arrived! Avery Isabelle Judd was born Friday nite October 12th at 6:27pm and weighed in at 9lbs6oz, 21 1/2in long!! (yep, BIG baby girl!) Mommy Rebekah labored the entire previous nite and most of Friday til Avery stopped progressing - they ended up doing a C-section and had to knock out Rebekah who was actually feeling the C-section in progress (yikes). Anyway, we're so excited to welcome Paul & Rebekah to this wonderful world of parenthood and even more excited to meet sweet little Avery! Rebekah called her 'Ave' at the hospital - it will be interesting to see if that becomes her unofficial nickname!

Proud Daddy Paul

Me meeting my brand new niece!

How fabulous is this pink 'boa' wreath for Avery. Nana got this for Avery - we had a blue one for Carter. Love it!!!


Carter @ 4 months

On Friday, Carter had his 4 month check-up. He kept showing off to the doctor trying to show her his new trick - rolling over. He then preceded to 'talk' to her and flash his precious little smiles her way. Needless to say, he got an A+! He weighed in at 17lbs 15oz and 26.5 inches long, in the 97th and 90th percentiles, respectively. Still my big baby boy!


Waiting for sheets...

Do you ever go to bed at nite only to realize that your sheets are in the wash??? Well I had put Anderson's sheets in the wash and forgot to transfer them to the dryer (oops), so we had to put them in the dryer. (yes, we have more sheets, but I so like the red gingham ones best!). Well Mark & Anderson didn't want to wait for new sheets - notice they are lying right on the mattress! I love how Mark is holding onto Anderson. One tuckered out little boy. A couple moments after this pic I put the fresh warm sheets on his bed. I love climbing in the bed to fresh sheets!!!