Sound Effects

My camera is en route to Canon as it's not working - I'm kinda hoping that its a cheap fix, otherwise I'm going to need your help convincing my DH that I need a nice new camera - I've been having some major camera envy lately - mostly due to my sister-in-law's mother's day gift, but I have been good and been in the "my camera works just fine" mode and we don't need another expense right now (hello I have a new house!!!). Enter my camera not working and an upgrade in the camera department sure would be nice!!!!

At any rate, that's not the purpose of my post - except the fact that I can't show you what I'm witnessing right now. Any of you that have boys can appreciate the 'vrooms' and 'buzzes' and 'beeps' and crash noises that boys can make - they have these amazing sound effects that just 'come with the package'. Right now I'm enjoying Anderson buzzing and driving around my house with a Mac truck and the quietness that Carter is providing as he is napping. Usually Carter is joined in with his brother - especially since his speech isn't great - I hear alot more 'noise' from him.

At any rate - I just wanted to get this in writing because I know one day, probably not too distant from now, I won't hear the vrooms and crashes as often - or at all. So hear's to all the sound effects that my sweet little boys make.... I love them!


Rebekah Judd said...

Love your new Georgia colors!. Here's this for more envy - my camera broke and we had to get a new one. I'm hoping it will be here today so we can capture some memories of this weekend. I did a lot of research - call if you need advice (I filtered my decision through Amy, which helped a ton). I'm going to try to call today if I can swing it.

Katy said...

by the way - now that we live down here in college football world, we are much more aware of these college games. you know how we are pro-football lovers. but this weekend USC is playing Georgia - and everyone here is going nuts...as they do for every game of the season. just thought i'd let you know - people at choir practice last night were wearing Beat Georgia stickers! Crazy!

dandsratz said...

Heather, this is one of the best blogs!! I can't imagine these sound effects either....I hope that they will permanently be scarred into our minds! :)