Breakfast with Santa 2010

I organized a 'Breakfast with Santa' for my neighborhood this morning - we had it at a local restaurant and thru some very good connections I have, was able to get Santa Claus, live in the flesh to come to our little shindig. All had a great time. I was shocked when Carter hopped on Santa's lap with no problem. My boys were even more shocked when Santa handed them Star Wars figurines! Oh how I love the innocent wonder they have at this age!
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Pilgrims & Indians

So grateful for my little pilgrim & indian!

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Darth Turkey

Like many kindergarteners, Anderson had the duty of 'disguising' a turkey to avoid being served up for Thanksgiving dinner! How did he decide to disguise his turkey? Darth Vader um Turkey. Too cute - I actually enjoyed helping in this 'assignment'! Darth Turkey was complete with cape and light saber (red, of course)!
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Our 1st Slumber Party

For Anderson's 6th birthday party - I was stumped for ideas!!! We have new sod we just laid in the backyard and we really didn't want a bunch of boys rolling & tackling each other on the sod just yet, so I was scrounging for ideas. I didn't want to spend tons of money and we didn't want to invite a gazillion kids - just the boys Anderson spends a lot of time with. We nearly had the party at a good friend's home but in the end we opted for sheer bravery. We invited 4 of Anderson's best buddies to come spend the nite! I was told my dozens and dozens of my bravery (or foolishness) but I was confident in these boys and their behavior. If I wasn't convinced 100% that they would all be well behaved then I would not have gone this route. The boys were perfect - truly, we had zero conflict and I never even had to do a second-call for lights-out. I turned the lights out and I never heard another peep!! We had to get up and going the next morning as 4 of the 5 boys play on the same baseball team so we had to get all dressed in their uniforms, teeth brushed, fed with special chocolate chip Star Wars panakes, etc!

hard to corral 6 boys including Carter for a candid pic -- note all the bare chests! ;)

enjoying ice creama cake

in PJs enjoying 'It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown"
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Race to Rally Hope 5K

My good friend Jill is a beginner runner (not that I'm an old seasoned runner), but I told her if she found a local 5K I'd run it with her. We signed up to do 'Race to Rally Hope' which has a 5K, 10K and a kids fun-run. We decided to sign the boys up for the fun-run figuring it would be a fun thing for them to do. It was a great morning -a bit cool, but perfect for running. Jill did fabulous and ran the whole thing. My only disappointment is that I didn't sign up for the 10K- it was essentially another loop of the 5K course so I could have kept on running, but oh well. Live and learn!!! Up next, I plan on training for a 1/2 marathon. I'm excited!

Evan & Anderson nearing the finish line!

all participants got a medal

all the 'runners'

so our men ended up having to give the 3 year olds a major assist - they weren't as interested in running as their big brothers!
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Of all days!

Anderson turned 6 on Friday, October 15th. We had such a celebration planned - especially since his big day landed on a Friday - I planned on 'cooking' in his class (a special treat), bringing him & a buddy a special lunch from Wendy's (his favorite), we had gifts laid out, donuts on the table, the big 6 year old sleepover party lined up - and guess who got sick Thursday nite!!!!! As me & Mark went to bed Thursday nite, Anderson greeted us crying and burning up a fever. My heart was breaking - the school rule was that they have to stay out of school for 24 hours after having a fever. It didn't make a difference, he woke up burning up on Friday too. It was official - Anderson was sick and had to stay home from school on his birthday!!! To boot, we obviously had to cancel his bday party that nite as well. I was soooo sad for him - of all days!! Since he began preschool he has never missed a day of school for sickness, so I couldn't believe it!!! I kept telling Mark 'God wants us to learn a lesson in this timing'. I'm not sure I know, or I'll ever know, but because we had to cancel his birthday essentially, Anderson seemed to benefit from birthday celebrations a bit longer than usual!

Anderson is such a blessing to our family - with his 'strong willed' personality, there is never a dull moment with Anderson. He keeps us on our toes for sure. He is so smart and is excelling at school. He is showing to be a good little athlete too. "Little" being the key word. At his 6 year check-up he weighs in at a whopping 38 pounds - -he measures at the 10%ile in both height and weight. As much as this little man challenges me, he is my pride and joy and I feel so honored that God entrusted Mark & I with him!!!

the birthday boy, home sick opening his gifts....
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Pumpkin Patch 2010

We got smart this year and beat the crowds to the pumpkin patch! Instead of waiter for October and cooler weather, we fooled 'em all by heading in the still hot summer GA weather in September!!! We still had perfect landscapes surrounding us (who cares the leaves weren't turning colors yet?) and we had our pick of the 'patch. Some great picture opportunities as usual and we had a great time with great friends -- looking forward to next year already!

Carter & Anderson

my little punkin

the Judds
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Braves vs Cardinals

Evan the Cardinals fan, Anderson the Braves fan

the Judds, summer 2010
all the boys with Jake
watching the game intently!

So Anderson is a die-hard Braves fan. It started last year but really cranked up this season. He knew most of the key players and their respective positions, he would be sad if bedtime came before the end of the Braves game (which is often the case) and his 1st question out of his mouth in the morning would be "Did the Braves win?". Loves loves loves baseball. He went to his first major league Braves game last summer but this summer we knew we had to get him to at least one game. Of course the entire summer had almost come and gone when we knew we had to get to a game. Our best GA friends, the O'Neills wanted to go to a game too. Jill's baby brother is a pitcher for the St Louis Cardinals (Jake Westbrook) and the perfect opportunity came up - - the Cardinals were playing the Braves at home on a Saturday nite AND Jake was the starting pitcher. What a perfect storm of opportunity! So we were able to go to the game, sit in perfect seats, cheer on a dear friend's brother all the while cheering on our Braves. The game went into 4 extra innings - bonus baseball fun. All 4 of our boys were perfect and we had a fantastic time! After the game we were even allowed to go 'below the stadium' to see Jake. A magical experience for any little boy, nevermind one who LOVES baseball.


Labor Day 2010 at the Lake!

We have been blessed with so many new friends since we moved here a year and a half ago. Thru Anderson and one of his buddies, Blake, we've gotten to know his parents - - which coincidentally the dad is Anderson's tball coach. They have a beautiful home on a local non-wake lake and so they invited us and our good friends, the O'Neills to join them for Labor Day on the lake! We had such a great time enjoying the sun & fun on the lake with our friends! the big boys - Blake, Evan & Anderson

the ladies! Nancy, me and Jill

Mark on the 'yolo' board - it's like a standing up kayak type boat

Heather on the yolo board
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Carter is a Pre-Schooler!

So this post is very belated but blogging is close to the very bottom of my priority list. I've got to get better since I'm not a scrapbooker - sigh... Gotta do something with my pictures...

Carter started preschool in early September -- he is LOVING it!!! On the 1st day of school, there was no anxiety whatsoever (from him anyway!). The school encourages carpool drop-off starting from the very 1st day and Carter just hopped out, no problem, waved goodbye and was on his way. Basically every teacher at his school knows him already - if they have the priviledge of getting him out of my car or standing between him and his class after he gets out of my car, they get a Carter tidbit -- like, look at my shirt or my shoes, or my bandaid, or we went to the pumpkin patch yesterday -you get it!! I had tears welling in my eyes after I saw my little fella walking into the school by himself. What a big boy. He just loves school - -he tells me that he is going to be Ms Jennifer's helper. Such a sweet little guy. They tell me he tries really hard.....

the obligatory 'front o the house' 1st day of school pic

I can do it all by myself, mom!

bye Mom, I love you!


Anna & Carter

I have a picture of Anderson & Erin almost identical to this from a few years ago.... sniff sniff
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Busch Gardens 2010

We were soooo glad to make another visit to Busch Gardens during our summer trip to Virginia Beach -- it was fun introducing Carter to all the rides -- the last time we were there he was barely walking and wasn't able to do much, this time was much different! Plus, they've added the Sesame Street section since our last visit too! It was a wonderful long day with some of our very best friends. 10 hours at Busch Gardens with 8 kids and not one single meltdown! that has to be a record for sure!!!

all the 'big' kids!
Anderson, Ryan, Carter, Anna, Emily & Erin

me & Carter riding a dragon!

suprisingly, even the 'big' kids liked buddying up to the characters!

Mark & Anderson after a fun water ride
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Anderson is a Kindergartner!!!!!

I can't believe this day is actually here! Anderson started school last Monday at Ocee Elementary as a Kindergartner!! He was soooo excited and not the least bit anxious. He could hardly stand the countdown until school started - he was ready!! He has an excellent teacher and walked into his classroom without hesitation on Monday! When he returned home (off the bus), he was rattling off all of the teacher's expectations and rules and he didn't miss a beat! After much deliberation, he is riding the bus - - I've heard nothing but positive comments from all of our neighbors and school friends and I couldn't stand the thought of waking Carter to take Anderson to school. So for now, we're riding the bus until we have reason to not ride the bus. Here's to a wonderful kindergarten year!
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Lack of.....

JUDGEMENT. I was making a dessert in the morning for the evening - - we had to be somewhere by a certain time, so I'm not sure what I was thinking when I sat the 2 bowls in front of the boys to lick. I didn't calculate the time to clean them from head to toe after they would have made huge messes. -so we were late. Why didn't I foresee this? I've been the mother of boys for nearly 6 years now - - this was BOYS 101..... At any rate, the boys thoroughly enjoyed themselves so I guess that made up for something!!!!
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Free Wheelin'

So one morning after Carter shed his obligatory nite time pull-up and hadn't yet found his undies for the day, he romped around the house for a good hour or so 'au naturel'. At one point he asked to go to the garage for something and when I went to check on him, this is what I found him doing!!!!
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