Rained out AGAIN!!

Well yet another rained out pool outing with the Saunders.... we'll get it right one of these days!! Since the boys only got 20minutes of pool fun, we headed to the Saunders to enjoy some pizza & brownies! The boys played really well together and Anderson got to take a drive on Ryan's John Deere tractor!!! Between Jamie, Kevin, me & Mark we collectively spent an inordinate amount of time seaching for one of Anderson's missing crocs- where could have gone???!!! It finally showed up right under our noses (well actually right under a fireman's hat!). We left from their house late with Anderson whining that he wanted to stay at Ryan's house and spend the nite! Maybe our first slumber party isn't as far off as we might have thought (right Jamie???)!!! Thanks for the fun Saunders fam!

Late nite at the game!!

Mark had another double-header softball game last nite and we had planned to take separate cars so that I could get the boys home & in bed, but I FORGOT so we all rode in 1 car! Anderson had a swell time as usual and was filthy dirty!! So when we got home at 9:30 pm we still had to give Anderson a bath - it wasn't even an option to skip!! Anyway, so far he's managing OK on his reduced sleep schedule, but we'll see - we're only half way thru the day!


Baby Anna is here!!

Our dear friends the Maggiores, welcomed their 2nd daughter to the world yesterday at 6:36pm - Anna Louise!!! I got to visit her this morning and she is absolutely beautiful! We are so glad she is here and know she will be so near & dear to our hearts just like big sister Erin! Yet another Maggiore gal the boys will have to fight over!!

Thunder & Lightening

Well we were able to enjoy about 30 minutes of fun at the pool with the Saunders fam (minus Kevin) last nite until the weather had other plans for us - one moment the sky was blue, the next it turned gray and the thunder & lightening commenced. We had packed picnic dinners (PBJs anyone), but had nowhere to eat it since the Y requires you to 'leave'.... so we introduced the Saunders to Five Guys Burgers... Yummy!!!

Carter had his first 'dip' in the pool, courtesy of Daddy.

Anderson & Mark got to have a few minutes in the big pool before the weather went bad....

Buds Anderson & Ryan warming up and sharing a snack - how cute are they!!!


Nostalgic t-shirt

Mark mowed the lawn tonite and therefore donned some 'work' attire - some beat-up shorts & my first sorority t-shirt from college. When I saw my sorority t-shirt, memories flooded my mind! The t-shirt was from an evening on a Riverboat at Stone Mountain circa 1995.... I did the math and realized, oh my goodness, that was 12 YEARS AGO!!! Wow, nothing like an old t-shirt to make me feel OLD!! Wow, how my life has changed since 1995 and all in the most amazing ways! The Lord provided me the most amazing man and we now have 2 precious boys! I wonder if I could have imagined this life back then in 1995 as a freshman at UGA...

Good nite's sleep!

If I'm anything like other moms of newborns, you spend a lot of time thinking about the sleep you'll be getting (or not getting) at nite!! Carter had a wonderful nite last nite - sleeping from 10:30 to 5:15 a.m. - nearly 7 hours!!! Hopefully we'll continue to have many more restful nites!!! Here is a picture of my sweet little angel boy at 7 weeks... (yes, he's a big chunker!)


Summer nites

Most nites around the Judd household find Anderson & Mark in the backyard playing baseball or golf. Also, if there is any yardwork - Anderson makes certain to help Mark!

Uncle Paul & Aunt Rebekah also came over to grill out hamburgers with us .... and to tickle Anderson.... We are so blessed that they live close by!


Weekend fun

The weather was beautiful this past weekend and we took advantage of it! We joined the Maggiores at the beach Saturday a.m. for their likely last visit to the beach pre-baby Anna! It was Carter's 1st trip to the beach and he did great, sleeping most of the time in his shaded car seat! Anderson & Erin displayed terrific toddler teamwork building sandcastles together!!

After taking naps in the afternoon, we rushed to see Mark's double header softball games. A bunch of us enjoyed some KFC after the games along with some yummy sides! I think Anderson enjoys Mark's softball games more than Mark does - its always a good time with all his buds!!!