Putting up Walls

We've recently decided to "wall-in" our office to separate it from our living area. The previous owners used what will be our office as a piano room - but hello we have no piano!! This last weekend Mark's parents came for a brief visit and when I was telling Mark's Dad Scott my 'desire' to build a wall and french doors -he replied with 'that's easy - we could do that right now'. I was excited at how 'easy' Scott thought the project would be -since he would be the expertise that Mark needed. Come Saturday morning and Anderson's tball is rained out (yet again) and so the opportunity presented itself to 'buid the wall'. Mark's mom and I ran to Trader Joe's with my boys and when we came back - the wall was already studded!! They were able to get the wall sheetrocked and a 1st layer of 'mudding' done before Scott had to head back to Macon. He'll return next weekend and I can't wait to show you the finished product!!!! Here's a sneak peek.

"Before" from the living room looking into the office

"Before" looking from the office into my living room

"Before" looking from foyer

"During" look at those studs!!! (hee hee)

Wow, there's a wall there now!!!

We are also going to paint the entire living room and foyer (not to mention the upstairs hallways) so we've got major work going on over here!!! One day.....

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Katy said...

wow -that is exciting stuff happening!! it's nice when stuff actually HAPPENS rather than just talking about it forever!!!

Monica M. Judd said...

oh my, i didn't know you'd decided to wall it in. looking good! and that'll give you another wall to place furniture or whatever else you may need. I've sure got some projects i could use scott's expertise on... somehow brian and i just talk about projects a bunch but never manage to actually get them done! keep up the great work.