Anderson's Christmas Program

Anderson's class did their Christmas Program yesterday - they did a 15minute presentation for all the parents (all the 4year old classes), then we were dismissed to his classroom for a brunch and another special treat by his class.

His class performed the 12 Days of Christmas - it was soooo cute! Here they were singing "5 Gold Rings"

A special treat for Daddy to come to his classroom!

Anderson and his 2 best buds from class- Connor & Blake
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Tree Trimming in our new home!

This time last year we were just getting settled at my parent's home - most of our Christmas decor was packed in boxes, with the exception of our stockings - so this year was extra special to pull out the decorations that have been hibernating for nearly 2 years!! It was so fun seeing how our decorations fit in our new home. This year was extra fun too since Carter was an active participant in our family tree trimming - only 2 ornaments have been broken (thus far!).

Finding the perfect home for the teddy bear

the finished tree

the Judd boys enjoying a fire after our stockings were hung with care
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Thanksgiving 2009

This year we enjoyed our Thanksgiving day with my brother and his wife Bree in Athens GA. My parents joined us as well as Bree's dad, brother and his girlfriend. This was Bree's first time hosting Thanksgiving and she did not disappoint - everything was perfect and top-notch. It was wonderful to have a day spent with family but able to go back home and sleep in our own beds. Thanksgiving also marked our 1 year anniversary of our move from VA to GA - I cannot believe a whole year has passed!!! We are blessed beyond measure!

me and the hostess with the mostest, Bree

the spread, almost revealed - Anderson is ready to eat!

Bree enjoying some quality time with her nephews
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Visit with Nana & Poppa

On our way back 'southbound', the boys and I stopped in Clemmons NC to visit with my Nana & Poppa who just recently moved there from FL. They are living with my aunt & uncle and my cousin Jacob. It was a short visit - but a great visit. My boys proved yet again to the family that they are 100% pure rough and tumble boy and very active at that! It was a wonderful visit and one that I hope to do more often.

Photo opp with Nana! Carter say cheese!

the best pic of all - Poppa, Nana & me & the boys
see what I mean....

the driveway to their home - you feel a million miles from suburbia, but in reality they are 3 minutes from suburbia
boys and sticks.... what more can I say?

Anderson enjoyed a nature walk thru the property with Uncle Scott

Anderson & Carter had a blast riding on some 'wiggle cars'!

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Boys, boys, boys!

The boys and I were able to spend a few hours with our friends the Libertores during our whirlwind trip to VA - our boys are all the same age, so time with them always equals good times! It's so hard to believe that Anderson & Niko were little 2 year olds over 3 years ago -where is time going? Yet again, our boys picked up right where we left off!!!

Anderson & Niko - the big 5year olds!

the whole gang- Niko, Tony, Carter & Anderson
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Avery & Adam

We got to spend some time with Paul & Rebekah and their family while visiting in VA - it is so neat seeing Avery become such a little girl - not so much baby anymore! I think it was safe to say that she enjoyed playing with her cousins too! Rebekah and I enjoyed some time getting our craft on, and just enjoyed catching up 'in real life'. Of course we enjoyed our newest Judd cousin - little Adam.

Aunt Rebekah sure knows the way to my boys' hearts - - ice cream!

Carter showing off his cone to Adam - soon baby Adam, soon!
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meeting baby Sarah

One of my main reasons for traveling to VA was to meet baby Sarah- she is nearly 3months old and I hadn't met her yet - it killed me not being there when she was born, so 3months was quite a wait!!!! My boys thoroughly enjoyed meeting their new friend - Carter kept asking to hold her and told me that she was nice!! Anderson really lit up when Sarah smiled at him. Yes, the boys have gotten their baby fix! She is precious and I hate not being there to see her get bigger every day!!!

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Monster Trucks a la Baba

During our trip to VA we enjoyed a few hours at Jens' in-law's home- the Maggiores (affectionately known to all as Baba and Papa Joe)- they have often opened their home to us and our kiddos and the kids love riding their monster trucks and playing in their life-size doll house.

Carter trying to keep up with the big kids driving away in the monster truck

Carter: the new driver - not quite sure what he is doing!

Anderson & Ryan - still best buds!

Mr & Mrs Judd, um I mean Erin & Anderson
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Jedi in Training: Princess Anna

During our visit with the Maggiore gals- Anderson brought his two light sabers (of course) - Anna was very much into 'training' with Anderson and she held her own very well. Maybe a light saber should be in Anna's stocking this year!!

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A pitstop in Columbia SC

The boys and I just returned from a 6day trip up to VA. Along the way, we stopped in and visited with the Schrodt family in their new home in Columbia SC - it was so wonderful seeing our friends and the boys picked right up where they left off in their friendships a year ago!! We were only able to stay a little more than an hour - but it was a fun filled hour including an introduction to the newest Schrodt - Caleb!

a traveled Heather holding my new friend Caleb!

Carter and Callie loving the tire swing - hard to believe these little people are little talkers now!

Anderson, Jacob & Josiah - reunited!
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Cousin Fix

This past weekend we celebrated an early Thanksgiving with Mark's Dad's side of the family -the Judds. Our boys are always excited to see their Nana & Poppa, but moreover they LOVE spending time with their cousins. Brian & Monica's family came down and we were missing Paul & Rebekah's family, but we'll get to see them soon (countdown 1 week!). Anderson was Benjamin's sidekick nearly the entire time and Carter kept himself busy getting into everything as usual! This trip Poppa borrowed the neighbor's golf cart which seemed to be a highlight this trip!

Poppa taking Mary-Scott and Carter for a whirl

the 'men'

happy riders!
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We have an abundance of trees at our home which obviously provide lots of opportunities for raking!!! I was trying to rake last week when the boys found jumping in my piles a ton of fun. I wasn't able to get a good shot of Carter b/c my battery died but Carter's diaper full of leaves later that day proved the fun that was had by the brothers!

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My brother, future Ironman

Yes, this is a bit different post - not a cute little Judd, but my little brother Ryan. As you can see though, not so 'little'. My little brother -31 years old- is competing in his 1st Ironman this weekend in Panama City. He has been doing the triathlon circuit for a few years now and is ready to go after his dream of competing in the grueling Ironman. For those of you who aren't familiar with the Ironman - Ryan will do a 2.4mile swim (in the Atlantic Ocean), 112mile bike ride and a marathon run at the end (26miles) - all without a break. Shew, I'm tired just thinking about it! At any rate, I'm lifting up prayers for him and his wife Bree for their weekend - for safe travels and that Ryan completes his race safely. Good Luck Ryan - we are so proud of you!


Halloween 2009

So the boys fully enjoyed their 1st Halloween in our new neighborhood and have the candy to prove it. We had kinda icky weather - chilly with a wet mist drizzle, but 'do-able' for the kids. We started off the evening with hot-dogs in the cul-de-sac and then bid farewell to the daddies and kiddos. I was way overstocked with candy so I think we're good candy wise for the year!!!

Anakin ready to slay pumpkins

decked out and ready to go!

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