Anakin face-off

Anderson had a little friend over from school yesterday - and they are two peas in a pod - both are all about Star Wars. Here they are at school - both Anakin Skywalker! They were debating in school which Anakin they each were - whether or not they were the 'real' or 'fake' Anakin! Too cute.....
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I did it- well, kinda

I created my blog header "banner" or whatever you call it. I followed the directions to a T, but somehow can't get the annoying white border to go away. Oh well.... At any rate, I've been using Picasa for awhile now and already love it, so this makes me love it even more!!!! Here's the link for the tutorial if you dare!



Practice Run!

Our neighborhood had its annual Halloween parade and festival this afternoon - we invited our good friends, the O'Neills to join us for the festivities. We had a great time and the boys loved donning their new costumes.

Anderson = Anakin Skywalker (who else?)
Carter = Pit Crew teammember for Lightening McQueen

Flash and Anakin

Carter and Drew - seriously, this is the only picture I got of them today that was half decent - ugh - 2year olds! They were precious though - Drew was Batman....

face painting fun

Anakin Judd um Skywalker in action
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On Cloud 9

Anderson is LOVING every minute of his tball experience - at the end of every game the coach gives each player a baseball card - a moment that each of the boys looks forward to. As well, the coach gives a "game ball" to one or two deserving players who had a 'stand-out' game. We weren't sure if Anderson had given the gameball notion much thought, but last week Anderson asked Mark if they could go practice his hitting in the backyard -so that he could have a better shot at winning the game ball. It was so sweet, he really wanted to get one and so today when he finally got awarded the coveted game ball, it was really special to him. He hit the ball really well today and is 'all-heart' on the field each and every game- he slides into every base possible and just really takes to heart all the advice and encouragement he can get! What made the moment even more special is that the coach asked the team who they thought should get the game ball and several of them piped up "Anderson!". So sweet!!! So needless to say, my little man is on "cloud 9" this week! I'm so proud of my growing boy, thank you Lord for blessing my little fella with a mighty heart and a love for playing!
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Cousinly Rivalry

Here are two cousins passionate about their teams - trouble is - their teams are rivals - Georgia Tech and Georgia. GT is having a good season while UGA is well having a so-called 'rebuilding' year...

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Punkins among Pumpkins

the men carrying our precious pumpkins

I want to send this picture to Sprite

picking out some gourds

I like this one!

the Judds -fall 2009

my cutest punkin ever

handsome punkin!

find my favorite punkin

my big 5year old punkin

We headed to a pumpkin patch- Burt's- in the North Georgia mountains with our good friends, the O'Neills last weekend. It was a neat experience - a bit different to what we experienced in VA -less fall festival, more pumpkins. The weather could not have been more perfect. We started our day together at Cracker Barrell and had a blast enjoying the perfect fall weather with our friends. I got a lot of great Anderson pics, not as many of my non-stop Carter. I think this is going to be an annual tradition!


Alvin Judd

No, no we are not expecting another boy! ; )

One thing I missed while we lived in VA was all of the chipmunks that scamper 'round GA. While at school at UGA, during my walk from my sorority house to the bus stop, you literally had to dodge chipmunks that were running to and fro from the ivy. I loved it!!! Much much cuter than squirrells and a bit less common, I am just always excited to see the little guys. Until just a few moments ago - - I was going in my garage to throw away some trash and who confronted me in my garage - but little Alvin Judd. Let's just say I was not excited to see this little chipmunk. Whew, it scared me probably b/c I wasn't exactly sure at first blush that he was a chipmunk - but as soon as he ran out I confirmed his 'chipmunkness' and was filled with gladness that he headed into the grass. So now my love for chipmunks is slightly less than it was a couple of hours ago ...

My apologies that I likely just bored you with my chipmunk tale, but I thought I might look back at this posting with a smile, so please indulge me!!!! ;)


Tball Fall 2009

Anderson recently begun his 1st season of T-ball. He is a RiverCat and is LOVING every minute of it!! Many days he can be found in uniform- and if he happens to have a practice or game scheduled for the day - he is usually sporting his uniform as soon as possible. Not only does he have the standard issue baseball mit and bat, but he also has several pairs of batting gloves that he wears. Whenever it's his time to hit - he'll suit up with the baseball gloves like a seasoned pro!! It's coach pitch for 4pitches and then they are allowed to hit off the tee if they can't get a hit from the coach pitch. The coach rotates the kids' positions so they get to move around and 'experience it all'. Anderson is one aggressive little fella. At yesterday's game he was in the pitcher position - but no matter where on the field the ball was hit- you better believe Anderson was running after it!! We're also working on the team concept with Anderson - even if his teammate is getting the ball, Anderson tries to get the ball from him. Gotta love his enthusiasm, but we're trying to teach him that it's OK to let your teammate get the ball too!! He's a good little hitter and will get better as he gets stronger and bigger, but he's doing great and only had to use the tee just once.
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