Does it count?

Does it count if Carter rolled over for the 1st time yesterday but no-one saw him? Mark & I went to retrieve Carter from his nap in his crib only to find him on his tummy!!! I knew it was a matter of days before he rolled over. Poor guy though, he isn't able to roll back so he was 'stuck'! I'm sure it won't be the first time he gets 'stuck'. Anyway, expect to see another blog when mommy or daddy catch him 'live in the act' rolling over!! Go Carter Go!


Avery will be coming soon!

Mark's twin brother and his wife Rebekah are expecting their 1st baby here any day now - due October 6th. Her name - Avery. Rebekah had a 3D ultrasound a couple days ago and she looks so perfect - I can't wait to meet her!! You have to check out her sweet little face - check out my friend Michelle's blog http://www.asseenthroughtheeyesof.blogspot.com/ and find her Friday Sept 21st entry. Anderson & Carter are waiting for your arrival Avery!!!


Sunday nite fun w/ friends

Sunday nite we enjoyed a park outing with the Maggiores & Saunders. Our kids always have a great time together and it was a beautiful nite. We all got subs from Firehouse (yummo!) and picnicked and then the kids got to run around and exert some energy. Ryan and Anderson were tackling each other and were having a blast. The younger kids were having fun hanging out with the mommies....

Brownie time!!

Mark LOVES brownies. Brownies are one of the things that Mark cannot say 'no' to. Oh, and if you plan on offering brownies to Mark, you better have more than 1!! This man cannot get enough of them. He's been known to have 4 in one sitting, and who knows how many in the course of a single day! Anyway, I think he's trying to instill the same love in Anderson (not hard to do), but they decided to make brownies together. The brownies turned out delicious, and they had a 'finger-licking' (or spoon) good time!

New routines

OK, its been awhile since I've blogged. As you can imagine, going back to work takes some getting used to, but mainly it cuts into my 'blogging' time. Work is still going well.

Carter is getting bigger everyday and its so much fun how much he is starting to interact with our family and wants to 'be part' of everything. I love our new little family member!!

At dinner we usually move his bouncy seat next to the table so he can feel part of it all, but sometimes that just isn't good enough for him and he ends up joining us at the table. He's so content just looking around at us chowing down.

Our bedtime routines are more fun (&busy) now too! Usually the boys take a bath together with Carter making an early exit for his last feeding. If there's time, Carter will join us for storytime before he goes to bed. I can't wait til he can join us every nite for booktime! It will be great when he can pick out his own books just like big brother!!


Back to Work

Last week was my first week back to work after my 13 week maternity leave. Needless to say I was very anxious about my return - my transition with Anderson didn't go very smooth, but this time around was soooo different and Carter was a champ! Mark & I both went to take the boys to daycare for the "1st day of school" on Tuesday and I didn't even cry like I thought I would! I kept waiting for my tears to come, but they never did! I made 2 nervous calls to the childcare provider once I was at work and she had 2 great reports for me - Carter was taking the bottle & napping well! Praise the Lord!! I have to admit when we sent him to daycare, he hadn't exactly been taking the bottle very well. After about 2 weeks of "intense" bottle training he was OK at the bottle, but I certainly didn't expect the great reports about my little man chuggalugging all 3 bottles!! It looks like we'll be able to protect the routine & schedule we've worked so hard at and our childcare provider was very receptive to our 'Babywise' way.

When I arrived at work I expected to be inundated with emails & phone calls and a lot of 'catch up', but again another smooth transition! The fabulous lady who handled my business while I was out did a fantastic job and has made my return go extremely well. I am so thankful for her making my return easy!

Thanks to all my family & friends who prayed for our transition. I truly appreciated your calls & support!!


Labor Day in Jacksonville

Last week we flew south to Jacksonville for one last hoorah before my maternity leave ended and I had to return to work. Mark's aunt & uncle live there and its an easy jaunt from Macon so that Mark's parents could join us. Along with Aunt Peggy & Uncle Greg, their 19 yr old daughter Jessica was home along with her boyfriend. Katie Beth and Grandmother Stephens came down to play too! We had a great time - we always have so much fun just hanging out with the family. The flight down was great, both boys exceeding my expectations - after the excitement of take-off Anderson layed down and napped and Carter did great too - not even a whimper!!! This was Carter's 1st airplane ride!!!

We found ourselves spending quite a bit of time in the pool - which Anderson absolutely adores! Many a friend has witnessed my fearless Anderson and the pool - a little bit scary to see him with faith like a child assuming someone will be there for him. I love it though, while I want him to have respect for the water, I don't want him to ever be afraid of it.

Carter enjoyed the pool too - his 17lbs is making him quite buoyant! Mark only has to put his hand behind his head and he is able to float on his back!!

We went to the beach on 2 days down there - Carter napped on a towel and Anderson enjoyed playing in the sand with Nana - including a sand throwing fight!!

The other day at the beach we had some fun on the jetskis - actually Mark and everyone else had fun on the jetskis, I did NOT enjoy them! Mark took me for a spin on one of them and I didn't like it at all!! I think something about not being in control bothered me. I could not wait to get off the jetski on solid ground!! Nana bought Anderson his very own jetski which he had an absolute blast with!!

Thanks for the great time Henderson family!!


It is now official, Carter is a thumbsucker! I had seen him making a move towards his hand a couple weeks ago, and while we were vacationing in Jacksonville I captured some thumbsucking on camera! Several times now I've caught him in the act. Anderson was (& still is) a paci boy, so it will be interesting to see a 'thumbsucker' in action! I'm excited that we won't have to answer paci calls in the middle of the nite (which we still do for Anderson), but I'm already dreading the bribery that will take place to break Carter of his beloved thumb! I've heard stories of adults who still suck their thumbs (not that theres anything wrong with that!), but I sure hope Carter will grow out of it when time is right!!