Living on the Edge!

So I have been negligent in posting about this, but Carter graduated from his crib back in January to a big boy bed! For the most part he has done pretty well - - with Anderson we never had issues with him getting out of the bed, but with Carter we've experienced a few more challenges, but overall he has adjusted well. This is how we found him a couple nights ago when we checked on him - yes, that's the footboard of the bed that he is hanging over!

Also what you probably can't tell from this pic is that he has a pair of pajama pants on one of his arms - - some of your kids probably have sweet stuffed animals or precious blankets for their loveys, but not Carter- he loves to cuddle up with a good ole pair of cotton pajama pants. Believe me, we have the stuffed animals and blankets, but Carter just prefers the pants! Oh well!

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Caren is having a GIRL!

My of my long-time friends, Caren, is expecting a GIRL very shortly! I'm sooooo excited that I've been 'local' for her pregnancy - - it's been fun watching her 'grow' over the past several months! For her 1st pregnancy I was pregnant with Carter and living in VA so I only saw her thru pics - - this is soooo much better! I was so excited to be able to attend her baby shower today live and in person! she looks beautiful, as usual!

me, Caren & Julie
the 3 french friends!
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Atlanta Zoo!

Some friends of ours invited us to the Atlanta Zoo with them for the day - - I hadn't been since I was a kid, and so I was excited to take my boys! We had a great time- the zoo is really nicely shaded so eventhough it was a hot Georgia spring day, we were very comfortable.

Anderson & Carter with their new lizard friend

Carter tackling the ropes course

rock wall champ!

Anderson and his friend Evan
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One of our best buddies, Drew, turned 3 and so our friends invited us over to celebrate his special day - it was a Star Wars themed evening - - - so we were fighting off multiple Darth Vaders and light sabers off all evening! My boys were in heaven!

Darth Vader & Darth Vader, um Carter & Drew

Carter is double fisted!
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Maggiores in the ATL!

One of my very best friends, Jen, from Va Beach came to visit for the week of Spring Break. It was their 1st visit to our home and we were sooooo excited to have them! We were pregnant at the same time for our 1st two pregnancies but I let Jen 'go it alone' for her third! Such a special bond when you go thru pregnancy and your 1st children together- - a friendship that I will always hold close to my heart! The kids picked up like old times - especially Anderson & Erin who are like an old married couple-- - getting along spendidly most of the time, but having many quarrels in between. On Tuesday of their visit, we just 'hung' out at the house and let the kids play - -we headed to the park for a bit packed with many snacks, and then came back to the house for the littles to nap and let the big kids just play and play and play. It was a wonderful time. The next day, Mr. Joe took Erin and Anderson to Fernbank museum, the Georgia Tech baseball fields (sigh......) and to the Varsity. Later in the evening we met up with them at Stone Mountain park for a ride to the top of the mountain and for the Laser Show. A wonderful time with dear friends - we can't wait for them to come back!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mark and the boys at Stone Mtn

a rare picture of the usual picture takers!

the Maggiore fam
Anna, Jen, Erin, Megan & Joe
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Easter 2010

What a wonderful Easter!! After Anderson got out of school on the Thursday before Easter, we headed out of town to spend Easter in Charlotte with Mark's older brother's family as well as with Nana & Papa. We had a wonderful long weekend - -my boys always have such a blast with their cousins, so it always makes for a good time! On Friday, the ladies head out to the Metrolina Flea Market - a HUGE flea market in Charlotte which hundreds and hundreds of vendors - we really enjoyed the day together and looking for great finds! On Saturday the kids participated in Brian & Monica's neighborhood's egg hunt and we decided to go to the Saturday nite Easter service at church. On Sunday we took it easy as it was also 'departure' day - - we enjoyed a wonderful breakfast, let the kids do an egg hunt, made 'resurrection' rolls which symbolize Jesus being buried and then, when baked representing the empty tomb -- a wonderful visual way to re-tell the Easter story for the children. Definitely a tradition we will continue here on out!

Our family - -Easter 2010
Mark, Heather, Anderson (5) and Carter (2 1/2)

making 'resurrection rolls' on Easter "Resurrection" Sunday

Monica showing the kids the empty tomb! He is risen!

on your mark, get set, GO! The egg hunt is ON!
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Anderson the Diamondback

We're full swing into another tball season (which started in mid-February!) and Anderson is thoroughly enjoying it again! It's amazing the difference in the team from fall ball to spring - they are actually making plays and understanding many of the rules and 'strategies' of the game. Of course it doesn't help that 3 of Anderson's best buds are on the team too! Mark is now an assistant coach and I'm serving my first term as 'team mom', and it's been a wonderful experience, thus far, on both accounts- we've been blessed by a great cast of parents who are committed to the tball experience as well. Carter is everywhere, as usual, but he is bit more tame than in the fall where I seriously thought about hiring a babysitter to bring to the games with me. I always have to strategize what Carter will wear to the games, b/c if it's 'light' colored - it will be stained badly. But some battles just aren't worth fighting, so he's a filthy filthy little boy everytime we get home!

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