Hallelujah Harvest 2008

An event our family looks forward to year-long is Hallelujah Harvest - it's our church's "halloween" alternative. I am so grateful for this option and ministry - I love that the kids still get to enjoy the 'fun' but aren't introduced (more than they have to be) to the 'dark' side that typically accompanies the day. It's so funny, if we are out shopping and Anderson sees something related to Halloween - he says - "mommy, looks -that's for Hallelujah Harvest!". It's not always the best picture, but I'm glad that for him he has a different definition than the 'traditional' view. There is enough dark & gloomy in this world, that I'd rather keep that from my boys to the best of my ability as long as possible!!!! Anderoson was 'Dash Incredible' and Carter was a puppy (or bearcub)....... I figured that next year Carter would have an opinion on what he wanted to be, so I fully exercised dressing him like I wanted to this last year!!!!

trying to take pictures of both boys together really didn't go very well (can't you tell!!!!!!)

my baby punkin puppy dog, Carter (17mo)

Anderson (R) and his best bud Ryan (L)

Wagon puppies - Carter & Anna - the cutest puppies around!

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Jacob Judd??

Jacob was a Judd for the day - David & Katy went out of town for the day so we gladly adopted 1 of the 3 Schrodts for the day. Anderson loved having a sidekick. We started the day with soccer games, came home for a hot-dog lunch, took naps and took the boys to the YMCA for a Fall Festival. It was rainy so much of the festivities were inside. The boys had a fun time and both got spiders painted on their faces. Then it was home for bedtime!! I had a few comments during the day like "you have 3 boys?, bless you!" - Nope!!!!!!!!


(in his costume from 2 years ago - can you say TIGHT!!!!)

spider friends
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Pumpkin Patch, take 2!!

We headed to Hunt Club for a 2nd Saturday for Anderson's buddy Niko's 4th birthday party. The weather wasn't as great as it had been the weekend before, but nonetheless, a great time was had by all.

the brothers!

Ahoy Anderson!

Notice the signage in the back 'extra large pumpkins' - yep, I think Carter fits the bill!

fun on the hayride
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Learning, the 'fun' way!

Took the boys to the Portsmouth Children's Museum with Jen & Jamie - we have been hearing about this place for some time and were excited we were finally able to make it come to fruition! The kids had a great time in this 'learn thru play' museum.

uh oh, looks whos driving - Carter & Emily - - hold on Jamie!

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Happy Birthday Avery!!!!

My sweet niece Avery (parents Paul (Mark's twin)& Rebekah) turned 1 on October 12th. We celebrated her special day with family and some of Paul & Rebekah's friends. I can't believe she is 1 already!

Rebekah made this amazing 'Happy Birthday' banner to use for her children's birthdays - isn't it amazing! She is so crafty and is great with a sewing machine!

Here's the bday girl!!

Nana bought Avery this GA Cheerleading uniform - I love it!!!! I guess I have to have a girl to get one of those!!! ; )
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Anderson is 4!!!!

For Anderson's 4th birthday party, we joined forces with the Schrodts to celebrate birthdays with some of his best buds - Jacob & Josiah. We celebrated at Hunt Club Farm and it was an amazing day - we are so blessed to have so many wonderful friends & family to celebrate these occasions with!

all of Anderson's cousins came to the party here are 4 of the 5 -MaryScott (2), Catherine (6), Benjamin (9), Anna (4months)

Jacob, also turning the big 4!yummy, this is good!!!!!!!!!!


Carter, the toddler

This is kind of a random post, but Carter has recently graduated from pure babyhood to toddlerhood - now mature at 16months, he suddenly looks like a little boy to me and not a baby anymore (of course he'll ALWAYS be my baby, but you know what I mean!). For about a week he had a yucky virus that left him grumpy and sensitive and he has now returned to the land of the living (I'm soooo grateful). As he was emerging from his 'funk' - we spent the day with the Saunders - Here are a few pics of him when he wasn't feeling well that I thought were cute...

Seriously, he is checking out the bike with his fingers firmly in his mouth - I don't think his fingers left his mouth this ENTIRE week!

I love him in shoes!!!

Carter was so upset I wouldn't share my Kashi cereal with him - I had to take a picture You'd think it was Lucky Charms or something. Seriously, if you've tasted Kashi, you understand my delight with this picture!
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Our new favorite past-time

Recently, we've been heading to the oceanfront at the end of the day to enjoy the sunset and it has fast become a favorite thing of ours to do. We've been going to 31st street - there's a playground (although it's now gone!!!) and the boys can't get enough of the sand. We've picnicked a few times since discovering this great new past-time!

Carter loved the birds

Anderson & Erin

This visit Carter was very 'under the weather', but he was pretty content at the beach

No matter the temp, Anderson loves to be in his bathing suit!
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Anderson, the soccer player - one of the "Seattle Sounders"
listening to his coach, Anderson is #13 and Ryan is sitting to his right.
waiting for his turn
isn't his shirt a bit on the ridiculous side - believe me, I've now washed it 3times in HOT HOT HOT water trying my best to shrink it!!!!

Anderson had his very 1st soccer game last Saturday after his 1st game was rained out. I essentially 'grew up' on the soccer field - so I'm selfishly hoping he is a soccer player forever. The soccer field was occupied for this week's game, so his 1st game was in a gym at the YMCA which made for a quick moving soccer ball. Let's just say we're looking forward to playing on the grass. Anderson's shirt is more like a dress than a shirt, but I suppose he'll just be able to wear it for years to come! His best bud Ryan is on his team too - and apparently they are the only boys on the team!

Marriage Retreat in Nags Head

Mark & I, along with 3 other couples from our small group, headed to Corolla in Nags Head for a getaway marriage retreat weekend. Another couple came and facilitated the material and we were able to have some meaningful lessons and also spend time fellowshipping with our good friends. On Thursday nite, the ladies headed up sans men to 'hang out' - we watched Grey's Anatomy and then headed to the outlets for some shopping and lunch Friday. We had a great time with each other and all got some great deals at the GAP outlet! The men arrived Friday nite and we all had an awesome dinner together and dug into the material. The theme of the weekend was 'fill your cup'. Saturday we enjoyed breakfast together, had more time devoted to the material, and then proceeded to our individual "dates" - Ok, yes, we all headed to the same restaurant - we all sat at different tables (which had the hostess thoroughly confused), but nonetheless enjoyed ourselves. Sunday a.m. was time for packing up and heading back to pick up kiddos and get to church in time to serve. We had a great time and are so grateful that the Lord has provided us with such dear friends with whom we share the same goals & dreams with!

Before 'date nite'

Hopefully Amy or Mark won't kill me for posting this pic. Mark found Amy's Navy badge & hat and decided to play 'dress up'. Goodness, this is classic Mark....
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Anderson, the diver

While we were in FLA on vacation, Anderson mastered the 'dive'. He dove in the pool all week long. This boy is FEARLESS!!! Check out my little Greg Louganis....

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While we were in Orlando for vacation, we decided to do dinner out, but easy -so we went, whereas, but Chick-fil-A. Ok, so we go to CFA all the time, but this time, Carter scaled the playground - yep, he climbed all the way to the top! I was a bit nervous that I would have to go retrieve him (I was in a dress), but after playing in the 'tube' for awhile, Anderson convinced him when it was time to go.

After dinner @ CFA, we headed to Putt-putt - this was Anderson's 1st experience with putt-putt and neither Mark nor I had gone in years! Anderson had a great time. I'm not even sure who won!

the Judds on vacation
crazy Anderson
can you tell that is Carter -he is at the very top of the playground at CFA!

the 1st time putt-putter
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