Date with Dad

Anderson had "Date with Dad" day at school - and of course, the usual fare of "doughnuts" were served. As a present for Daddy, Anderson had prepared a little book for Mark including some fun facts about Daddy. Some of them he hit right on the mark (sorry, pun intended), the others he was a bit off - - I'll let you determine which was which! ;)

How tall is your Daddy: 4 ft tall
How old is your Daddy: 30 years old
What does your Dad like to cook: hot dogs
Your Daddy's favorite food: cheese grits
Your favorite thing to do with Daddy: play basketball
Your Daddy's favorite thing to do: watch me (Anderson) play t-ball
I love my Daddy because: he reads books to me
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Katy said...

seriously? cheese grits? i would have guessed brownies...but you are back in the south now!

Jen said...

So cute...what a great time for dad's and their kiddos since Father's Day is during the summer.