Free Wheelin'

So one morning after Carter shed his obligatory nite time pull-up and hadn't yet found his undies for the day, he romped around the house for a good hour or so 'au naturel'. At one point he asked to go to the garage for something and when I went to check on him, this is what I found him doing!!!!
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Carter is 3!!!!

One huge perk of having a summer baby is the pool party option that automatically opens to you for birthday parties! We didn't have a party for Carter last year - - we were about to move and were in a bit of transition, so I toknew I couldn't skip this year too! We planned a fish themed pool party for Carter since he is, afterall, part fish. Not sure I'll be able to capture him "fishlike" in pictures b/c we can't take our eyes off him for a second. These crazy Judd boys just love to swim! I don't have many great pics of the party - - um, I was a bit busy, but here are a few a friend took for me. I can't believe my little baby Carter is 3! We had his 3 year old well visit yesterday and he is a whopping 34 lbs – probably close to, if not the same as Anderson! He is 100% boy and quite 'rough and tumble'.