Rain Rain Go Away!!!

So it's been raining for a week straight with no end in sight. I can't believe it is still raining - HARD!!! Anderson's 1st tball game was rained out -big bummer, but we decided that today after church, we needed to let the boys indulge a bit in the rainy weather....

the "before" shot...

didn't take Carter long to transform his outfit!

Anderson kept jumping in this mud puddle and the muddy water was literally running down his legs - you should have seen the uck that was dumped out of his boots!

Oh and yes, this muddy mess is my lovely back yard!!! Our backyard is grass challenged because of the shade provided by the trees. Mark is dying to 'attack' our yard to get some grass growing, but at any rate - the dirt patches have now turned into - you guessed it - mud puddles.

The clothes are already soaking in the laundry!
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dandsratz said...

Maybe if I had read your blog when you wrote this I wouldn't have had to FB this AM to find out if ya'll were in a boat or not!! he he!! :) Oh, little boys in the mud....seriously, I don't think anything is better!! Wasn't it the BEST watching them!! :)

dandsratz said...

HA HA!! Alexander just looked at this blog and said "IS THAT HAMILTON IN THE MUD!?!?" They REALLY do look alike! :)