Ok, so I came down with a nasty stomach bug last nite - came on fast & furious, but I'm on the mend now (thank the Lord!!!) I have to tell you that Mark Judd is SuperDaddy and he just steps up like he needs to when I'm down and out. I was quarantined to our bedroom and Mark just does everything for the boys. He allows me to rest and I don't have to worry one bit about the boys - I know they are being taken care of. Anderson has also 'stepped it up' - he has been extra specially sweet knowing that mommy doesn't feel well.
this is an 'old' picture, but I thought appropriate for this blog


"Crawling", Trample peas, Blocks, ETC

OK, so we'll call this blog a bit of a potpourri. I need to do a better job about blogging, but since we're trying to get our home ready to put on the market, I feel uber-guilty blogging when I could be scrubbing some baseboard or something!!!

Today (Monday) we had a playdate with the Schrodts, and as usual Katy and her clan were very hospitable (sp?). Anderson always has a blast with Jacob & Josiah, and Carter & Callie are really starting to socialize with each other. I forgot my camera, but while we were there, Carter did some of his first official "crawling". I say crawling very loosely, because he was kind of slithering like a snake, but I took the liberty of calling it crawling like any proud mommy would!!! Another milestone! I'll keep you apprised of his crawling endeavors! Anderson never really crawled - he did more of the 'commando' move, but he started walking early (10mo) - it will be interesting to see Carter's path.....

As Anderson & I were getting ready for his afternoon nap today, we were picking out books to read, and he said he wanted to read the one with bunnies and the trample peas.... HUH??? I had noooo idea what he was referring to, but after going thru all of our 'bunny books', we came across the 'Runaway Bunny' which has the bunnies on the TRAPEZE!!! Aha moment!! Anyway, one of those cute sayings I always say to myself, "I've got to write that down". So here it is - I'm writing, um typing it down!!!

Here are some recent photos of the boys being boys....

Everytime we have to strip Carter down for bath, diaper change, etc - Anderson likes to get 'naked' too. Here they are in one of their 1st wrestling matches!! First of many, I'm sure!
Anderson & Daddy just built this super tall tower!!!
Anderson just completed the 'giant' floor puzzle. (Can you believe he is STILL wearing that GA shirt!!!!)
That's enough for now... til later!!


CRAZY baby hair!!!!

Well its finally growing back.... my hair that is. After the birth of both my boys, I started losing my hair once they were about 4 months or so. I mean I SERIOUSLY lose hair, so much that I was getting a cute little bald spot right at my forehead. Now I have regrowth which is so horrible - it's like a little brown helmet growing up underneath the rest of my hair. Kind of an awkward 'in between' time. Oh the things us girls go thru when we have babies!!!

Also wanted to show a couple new pics of Carter and how he, like my hair, is growing like crazy!!!!

Here's a rare photo of me & Rebekah with our precious babes. There, you can see my brown 'fringe' hair. Terrible. Just bare with me.....
Look at those thighs! I don't think this picture does his thighs justice, but they are juicy!!!
Look who is sitting up now!!!


New Years a little early with the O'Neills

For the last 7 years Mark & I have spent New Years with our friends Brian & Jill who still live in GA. They got married nearly a year before us and have 2 precious boys - Evan & Drew. Evan is 5 months older than Anderson & Drew is 6 weeks older than Carter, so needless to say, we have lots in common! Mark met Brian & Jill @ Sears where he worked in college -they are both bulldawgs too! This year we bailed on our friends for New Years as we longed to get back home to VA; therefore we celebrated with them a few days early. Til next year O'Neills!! Thanks for another good time!!!!

my Lightening McQueen is faster than yours!

Evan & Anderson, best buds!

Brian & the babes

pajama time!

look at us sitting up!!!
me & the black Spiderman Evan
soaring thru the air
can we get one of these swingsets daddy?


Christmas 2007

Where do I start? Our Christmas 2007 had both bad & wonderful moments....

Let's start with the bad....
apparently Anderson and Prednisone do not mix, for some reason it was prescribed to him for his cough (later learned he should NOT have had) ... at any rate, he ending up going thru some sort of psychosis. Needless to say, I have a brand new understanding for the term 'roid rage'. After going to the dr. 3 times in 3 days (including a trip to the CHKD ER), we departed for GA a couple days late. We drove straight thru making 4 stops and got there in 10 hours (which was amazing). The boys did great on the drive.

We arrived at my parents (Mimi & Poppi's)on Sunday nite and spent time with them thru Christmas afternoon. My brother Ryan and his wife Bree were there as well. Ryan has a Wii, so we all had fun playing with that....

this was my wii character - yes, some call me H-bomb

this was Mark's character - aka 'm-dawg'

Carter meets my baby brother Ryan

Carter meets Aunt Bree

Anderson's wii character - doesn't it look like him!!!

Carter w/ Mimi & Poppi

Anderson with cookies for Santa!!!

Opening a present from Santa!!!

my Georgia bulldawg

our newest happiest baby bulldawg!
new pajamas.... ka chow!!!

After Christmas morning we headed to Mark's parents home in Macon. Cathy (Nana) made Carter the most precious quilt & sham from some 'hippopotamus' pottery barn fabric..... I love it !!!!! Carter of course loved the tissue paper!

Aunt Katie Beth, love this girl!!!

Paul's been laid up since having ACL surgery, so he spent much of the holiday 'laying down'. Here is Mark cuddling up to his twin.... how sweet ; )

When we are with cousins, Anderson gets to sleep with them. Here they are all snug in the bed! They are soooo good to Anderson.

The camera loves Carter!!!

go dawgs! sic 'em!

Our attempt at getting all the grandbabies together... Anderson not obliging...
the grandparents watched all the kids for us grown-up kids to enjoy a brief date-night together -it is so nice spending time with them without having every other word interupted!!