Easter 2008

Happy Easter 2008!! On Friday, Rebekah & Avery and my boys headed to Charlotte for a family weekend of fun with Mark's older brother's family. Mark & Paul headed down a couple hours later. This is our 2nd Easter in Charlotte - it's a full house, but a good time was had by all. Anderson just ADORES his cousins. It was 75 degrees in Charlotte on Saturday - PERFECTION!!!

Mark & Paul with their babes!
all the cousins prepping for the big Easter egg hunt!! (Saturday afternoon)
I found one!!
Poppa teaching Carter how to drink from a glass! (yes, he's still in his PJs!)

Nana and her youngest grandbabies (she's got 6 and 1 on the way!)
Mary Scott (2) hunting for eggs!
Aunt KatieBeth & Carter
Anderson wouldn't oblige for the Easter pic, so here's the other Judds
the hosting Judds - they are pregnant with their 4th!!! Aren't they good lookin'!!!


Its on the Market!!!! (finally)

I'm sure many friends & family gave up on us Judds ever putting our home on the market, but YES finally - it should be officially listed in the next day or two!!!! By Friday there should be a sign in my yard & a lockbox on the door!!! If you know of anyone looking for a 3BR, 2.5bath home on a golfcourse - please send them our way (bargain deal $330K)!!! We have loved our home and this is the only home our boys have known, but we are BUSTING at the seams!!!! The hunt is officially on for us to find a new home now!!!! By the way, we're trying to sell it by ourselves first... (though we will be listed on MLS too)



Here are some random photos for a random posting:

After a good nap, Carter had some crazy hair.... He's getting more & more blond every day!

We got to babysit my niece Avery yesterday - here she is checking out the Jumperoo...

Guess who's getting sturdier on his feet!!!

Anderson wanting to be in a shot too!!

Carter learning to share with Avery!!


How NOT to update your blog....

Well, it had been along time since I had 'spiced' up my blog, so I'm sure you've noticed the changed template, etc. Well in changing the background I managed to wipe out all of my page elements. I think I too eagerly clicked 'OK'..... Oh well, I'll build it back as time allows. I'm not sure I like it yet, but change is good, right?

I saw this saying on a billboard recently and thought it funny:
"Change is inevitable, except from vending machines"


Jamie, this one is for you!!!!

Wanted to point you friends to another friend's blog posting about organization. You will NOT believe this girl's scrapbooking "center". Check it out!!!!!


Carter @ 9 months

We had Carter's 9month well baby visit today. He did great and only had to get 2 shots & a finger prick. He weighed in at 20lb 3oz (50%ile) and 29.5in long (90%ile).... When we were going over the foods he can eat at what times, he told me no peanut butter or nuts of anykind til 3 years old (what???). I know other doctors in the practice do not necessarily subscribe to that - I think Anderson was allowed to have peanut butter after 1 year, though I think I waited til closer to 2yrs. Curious - what does your doctor say about peanut butter?

Can you imagine no PBJs until 3 years old - are you kidding me?

Carter thinking about PBJs.....
(really he is enjoying yogurt for one of the 1st times....)


the Dunk!

Here are pictures from my baptism today. Thanks for all the support from friends during this special day!

Anderson asked me if I went looking for dolphins went I was dunked...... well, no buddy!!!