Carter does Cracker Barrell

The Judds did something rare tonite - we went out to dinner as a family!!! These events are few and far between, but we had a giftcard and so we headed to Cracker Barrell tonite before our small group meets at our house. We figured it was a great opportunity to have a yummy meal and not have to worry about cleaning the kitchen before our home is descended on by guests.

So we all stuffed ourselves silly at good ole Cracker Barrell, but Carter did some major damage including 2 biscuits with honey, 1 large pancake with syrup and 1 piece of bacon. I can hardly eat another bite after 2 biscuits myself so I don't know where Carter was putting it all!!!

I LOVE this pic - fork in one hand, racecar in other hand (a must!) and bacon in mouth!!!
(Monica - do you like Carter's shirt - a la Heather -it turned out really cute!!!)

Trying to share with Daddy!
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Monica M. Judd said...

we love us some cracker barrell at this judd house... haven't been there in quite sometime. looks like carter enjoyed every minute of it. and his shirt is adorable - great job, heather! and such cute pictures, too.

dandsratz said...

Heather....THIS IS NOT FAIR!!! Why can't Hammy & Carter grow up in the same town!! :) I LOVE LOVE LOVE these!!! That little Carter is SOOOO cute!! AND I LOVE HIS SHIRT!!!!