Chicks Beach

We headed to Chicks Beach late this afternoon to enjoy some fun in the sun. This was, for all intensive purposes, our 1st visit to the beach at the bay - we usually head to the oceanfront. We enjoyed the calm bay water that Anderson could more easily enjoy without mommy & daddy worrying that he would go out with the tide. Carter had fun too playing in the sand & surf. I thought we got some cute pics of him.....
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Avery meets bubbles

Rebekah & Avery came to play a couple days ago and we broke out a new bubble machine Carter got for his bday (thanks Jackson family!). Avery had never experienced the joy that is bubbles so I had to capture the moment on camera (as any good Aunt would!!) She was thrilled - thus the clapping!
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This makes me smile, thought I would share with you! Apparently the trunk is Anderson's stage!
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Well, it's official - - Anderson can now spell his name!! Actually about 75% of the time he can spell his name - it's so long you know, that sometimes he forgets a letter!!! People always teased me when we announced that our firstborn would be Anderson - that the poor little guy would never learn to spell his name!!! He's all into the alphabet now - he loves pointing to letters everywhere and telling me what they are. I love my little speller!


Awww pickles!

Most of you mommy bloggers have seen Higglytown Heroes on Disney a time or too- you'll recognize Twinkle's phrase - "awww pickles". Well today did I ever have the opportunity to use that phrase!! As I was cleaning up from our lunch this afternoon, somehow the jar of pickles slipped from my hand and crashed onto the tile floor. Glass everywhere, pickles everywhere, green pickle juice everywhere!!!! About 30minutes later, the floor was free from all the thousand chards of glass, the green pickle juice, etc! This morning in Sunday school we were talking about praising God when something bad happens - well, my experience today wasn't very extreme, but I praised God that my boys had just gone outside and therefore were not sliced or cut by the gazillion pieces of glass, I praised God that besides having pickled feet for a few minutes, my feet were spared from injury and I also praised God that the 'scene of the crime' was far enough from my white carpet that it too was spared! Anyway, next time you come across a jar of pickles - take caution!!!



Last Friday we had our friends boys Niko & Tony over to play with the boys. Can you tell Anderson & Niko had a good time together? The best part of these superheroes' costumes is that they were both about 4inches too short... looks like these costumes may have to be retired til the next heroes (currently in training Carter & Tony) are ready!
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Check out my ride!

Carter has recently discovered this ride on toy - it was a gift for Anderson and boy this toy has some mileage on it! Anderson used to call it his 'motorcycle' and would push it to our mailbox down the block from us!! It will be neat to see how Carter plays with it! Not only is this Carter's brand new 'ride', but also his push toy & walker.....
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Last Bottle .....

This morning Carter had his very last bottle. Poor guy didn't even realize it was his last bottle. Every morning he practically dives for his bottle so tomorrow we'll have to try to pass a sippy cup of milk his way. I can't believe my baby is no longer on the bottle. Another milestone....

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Happy Daddy's Day!

Paul on the left, Mark on the right for those who confuse the twins....

Mark & cutie Carter

I just had to post this picture with Anderson and his strategically placed finger....

We had a great, relaxing Father's Day... After church this morning, we came home & the boys had some yummy popcorn shrimp for the very 1st time - I think I have found a great substitute to chicken nuggets! I had to run a couple of errands and then after naps we headed to Paul & Rebekah's house for a Father's Day steak dinner.... I assembled some veggie kabobs and Rebekah made some FABULOUS mushroom risotto and an amazing chocolate eclair cake... YUMMO!!!

We had a great day with Anderson - and I'm so glad he was good for us today - on Father's Day. He's been challenging for us recently on just about every level, so it was nice to see that we could have a day without 'training' all day long. Not only did he behave for us, but he was extremely affectionate - a very rare treat for us. Anderson must have told me 100 times today "I love you Mommy" and showered me with a zillion kisses. I'm so grateful that the Lord softened his heart, especially today for Mark....

I'm ready Mommy!!

All Anderson had to do before he could go swimming was take-off his Crocs... he was layered with sunscreen, suited up with goggles & all!

Later we found out there was one thing he forgot to do before swimming.... to take off his underwear - he was wearing under his suit! Oh well!!

We had some fun family time at the pool on Saturday, breathing in the clean fresh air... excuse me, the smoky air....

All before 6:30A.M..... on a Saturday!!

the sunrise at the Judds

in pajamas on the deck before 6:30am....
can you see the smoky haze - we could smell the NC forest fires all the way in VA Beach - yuck!

Yes, our days start EARLY at the Judd home! Most days Anderson is awake around 5:45ish - -sometimes we get lucky if he sleeps "IN" til 6:15 or so..... Usually Carter wakes up 6:30 or so and we let him play in his crib til about 6:45 most days... On the weekends when Anderson is up early Mark & I just hang in bed til about 7 - while Anderson bounces between his room and our room - and we'll go get Carter around 6:45....

On Saturday, Carter decided to "pull an Anderson" and was up BEFORE 6!!!! He is currently cutting 5 teeth or so (4 of them are molars - OUCH) and so he has had a tough couple of days.... and thus the early rise.... So up we were and actually out on the back deck, all before 6:30- not to mention a full pancake breakfast tabled up too!!!

At this point Mark & I are so used to waking up at the break of dawn - we've acclimated to the reduction in sleep!!

Anyone want to invite Anderson over for a sleep-over? ; )


the Bash

Carter meets cake

Carter likes cake

Carter cooling off in the pool

Carter loved loved loved the baby pool

Yep, here are the invitations I made for Carter's party that I never finished - I found another use for them!!!! Thank goodness for Evite!!!

the cake - Dalmatian cake & "pawprint" cupcakes

I loved how the girls Anna & Avery were playing together so nicely!

some friends hanging having a good time

our attempt to get all the kiddos together - I was trying to hold their cake hostage.... here they are - from the left, Hamilton, Josiah, Alexander, Jacob, Erin, Ryan, Anderson, Cody (with mower), Anna, Jameson, Kayla, Tony, Nikko & Carter - there were a few missing from the photo shoot, but with this many kids, this was the best we could do!!!! Sue, I tried my best!

Happy Birthday sweet boy!!

We had Carter's bday bash late Saturday afternoon and our 'theme' was Firetrucks - well, appropriately it was HOT HOT HOT as fire. In an effort to combat the crazy 100degree weather we had, we put out a couple of fun water sprinkler toys and a baby pool. I think the kids had fun running thru the water, if nothing else it prevented the kiddos from melting. We are so blessed to have such an awesome network of friends here in Va Beach - though I'm not sure he understands yet, Carter will one day realize how loved he is!!! We had a great time spending time with our friends and are so thankful they were all troopers and sat in the unbearable heat since I forbade our guests from hanging in my white carpeted home!!!


Bubble Boy

According to Carter, the bubbles in the bath are so much fun, however; he doesn't recommend them for snacks...

You know it's hot when....

You seen a little boy running thru the sprinklers before 7:30 in the morning (in his underwear, nonetheless)!!! Mark went to turn the sprinklers on Thursday morning and Anderson asked me if he could run thru & play - it was so hot I didn't see a whole lotta reason to say 'no' (except that I hadn't even had my coffee yet!).... I think the onlooking golfers were getting a kick out of the show!


Carter is 1!!!!!!!!

My sweet little angel boy Carter is 1 years old today! This year has FLOWN by and I can't believe I now have a toddler (though he's not toddling yet).... He has such a sweet disposition and smiles at anyone and everyone, all the time. He loves loves loves his big brother and enjoys spending time with his mommy & daddy.

Thank you Lord for entrusting Carter to me & Mark!!!

Just a year ago today....

I can't believe it's already been a year since we met my little Carter - he is such a sweet and smily little boy, I am loving his little emerging personality. He is so different from his big brother, it's amazing.

Just like his big brother, there were no signs that Carter wanted to leave the comfy confines of his 9month home, so last June 3rd I was induced and we met little Carter at 3:59p.m.

WHOA!!!!! Momma!!!!

Here he is!!! Precious, 8lbs 8oz 21 1/2in long

Anderson meets Carter - love at first sight!

Taking my little Carter home - he's already smiling!

Brotherly love

Back to BG!

Busch Gardens that is! We had such a great time last week at BG that we decided to join the Maggiores again for more fun on Sunday. The weather was HOT - I can't imagine going if it were much hotter, but the hot weather encouraged Anderson to ride the Log Flume - a pretty big ride for such a little man!! He had a blast and begged Mark to go on it a 2nd time!

Beach Time!!

One of our favorite recent 'traditions' is mornings at the beach with friends. Over the last few years, we often frequent the beach on Saturday mornings with the Maggiores and Saunders families - the kids have a blast together and it's one of my favorite things about the summer. We went to the beach Memorial Day and kicked off the summer!