The verdict: Carter can hear you!

I have been a little concerned about Carter's hearing over the last several months - I knew my little man could hear, I just wasn't sure how well. When his ears were tested last year after his tubes were 'installed', one of his ears passed, the other failed. Satan did what he could to turn that 'failure' into worry for Mommy. Some of his speech is very muted, especially certain sounds so I wanted to be certain his hearing was intact, so I had his ears tested on Wednesday. The verdict: the little guy can hear you perfectly!! They did 3 tests on him - one was to determine if his tubes were still in (they both are!), the second was a "puppet" show in a soundproof booth -which was fun, and the 3rd was the dreaded put earplugs in a 2year old's ears and see how long he can sit there without pulling them out or flipping out. He passed all three with flying colors. Whew. The audiologist also provided some sheets indicating by which ages kiddos should make what sounds in their speech. The information gave me great comfort that my little fella is doing just fine. So praise the Lord!
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Jen said...

Yeah - I know that's a big relief. His cheesy smile is so cute. I can't believe he's already wearing those overalls of Andersons - they are so cute.