Mark & his siblings

Brian, Paul, Katie-Beth, Mark

While we were in the Tennessee mountains, during a photo shoot of all the cousins, Monica also took several pictures of the original Judd siblings. They are all very close and often talk every day - if not multiple times a day. It's really neat to witness their love for each other. I feel so blessed to have married a man where family was so important to him.

It's funny to look at this picture and think that Mark & Paul are 'identical' twins - because in this picture they don't look very identical to me. What do you think?
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Pete the Penguin

Assignment: Pete the Penguin to spend the weekend with Anderson and his family.

Anderson had to journal all of their activities - with pictures and paragraphs in a special journal. Anderson had an absolute blast with Pete - he took really good care of him and he literally went everywhere with us - from the gym to the grocery store, to Jason's Deli, to a special trip to the GA Aquarium - Pete was with us every step of the way! Pete especially loved the penguins at the aquarium and felt especially at home during our 'snowy' weekend. Pete fit right in to our routine - from sun-up to sundown, Pete had a full weekend! Hurry back Pete, we miss you!
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The obligatory snow post!

the snow covered playset

our snowy home

The snow came fast and furious on Friday afternoon - quickly accumulating and covering everything. It was neat to watch and see how right or wrong our local meterologists were going to be. I'm so glad that Mark enjoys the 'snow activities' with my boys, because I prefer to watch them from the warmth of my home - providing assistance with getting bundled up, drying mittens and pants, making the hot chocolate and providing carrots for snowman building. Part of me feels a bit guilty when I stay inside, but I am just plain miserable when I am freezing - and since we live in GA I don't have proper 'snowgear', so I get wet and therefore cold..... Sigh, I won't win the 'Mother of Year' award in the Best SnowMommy Contest this year.

Happy Valentines Day 2010!