Blog hopping this a.m. and came across this painting - it's so awesome how God puts things right in front of you with His perfect timing -we were just discussing 'thankfulness' last nite in our small group and the importance of giving God thanks at all times -for everything!!!! I love this scripture and have now added it as my wallpaper on my computer- as a gentle reminder that I'll see each time I sit down to the computer (which is alot!).
BTW, to give credit to the 'painter' see The Old Post Road at www.theoldpostroad.blogspot.com


Katy said...

love the picture - i'd love it hanging in my house! :) How's your small group working out? Sounds like it's a home group? Very cool - can't wait to catch up soon!

Jen said...

It's going to look great in your house! God is good!

TheOldPostRoad said...

Cute kids and sweet blog! Glad this painting is going to a Christ-filled home! I mentioned in my email that the Bible is perfect. I forgot to mention that God is also perfect.

Anonymous said...