'Bout Time!!!!

I think I've shared with a couple friends that on Sunday (March 2nd) I'm getting baptized!! I was baptized as a child in the Episcopal church (sprinkled). I've been making excuses the last couple of years about getting baptized (never enough time, blah blah blah) - but when I saw the 'Baptism Class' advertised in the church bulletin on Sunday I decided enough excuses! Besides the obvious public profession of faith, Anderson will get to attend my baptism and I am excited that my procrastination has an amazing purpose. How awesome will it be to have my 3 year old witness my baptism! As we talk more and more to Anderson about obedience, I want to set an example for him. So to church buddies, I'll be immersed at the 9:30 service - see you on the big screen!!!!


Ok so most of you have seen the many underwear shots, but did you know that Anderson can usually be found sportin his underoos BACKWARDS??? At least he has perfectly sound logic - the picture is on the hiney afterall and he wants to see the picture!!! Makes sense to me. I've been meaning to blog about this for awhile but didn't have the corresponding pics!! Enjoy!

Don't think you can tell, but Spiderman is 'front & center!'

This is the best part - the hiney shot!!! Often times he has a wedgy!!!


One Word

I'm not sure I've ever blogged much about work, if at all, but most know that I work 3 days a week (now a 4th day from home) for NS. Most days I love my job. Pre-Anderson & Carter I was totally career focused gal, having my boys has changed my perspective quite a bit. I love the 2 days at home I get to spend with my boys - I get my 'stay at home mom' fix and I still have a foot in Corporate America. Anyone who knows me knows that I stay quite confused about my work-life balance and in which direction I want it to sway. Most days I think I have figured that this half-life thing I've got going on is perfect for my family. I don't think I could stay home 5 days a week, but LOVE LOVE LOVE that my work has enabled me to spend 2 days at home - I have the perfect balance though I'm usually reluctant to admit that....

At any rate, I attended a "Networking" session at lunch on Wednesday afternoon - literally, it was a session on how to become a better 'networker'. It was actually one of the best sessions I've ever been to - I actually left with a renewed energy. During the event, we were challenged to describe ourselves with 15 words.... Ok, not too hard. Then, we were challenged to encapsulate who we are in ONE WORD. Pretty hard to do. I pondered and pondered and pondered (all within 3 minutes or so) and started thinking about all the people in my life and what would be the one word they would agree on to describe me.....

1) my parents would definitely agree
2) my brother would agree
3) grandparents would agree
4) most teachers & professors would agree
5) my high-school soccer coach who called me his "coach on the field" would agree
6) my high-school cheerleading coach & squad voted me most this.....
7) my husband would likely agree
8) close friends would agree
9) peers at work would agree
10) my boss would definitely agree
11) and hopefully, most importantly, my Lord & Savior would agree

that I am, SPIRITED!!!!

Do you agree? Now, I challenge my blogging friends to find that one word that YOU feel best describes you, and please please please share in your blog!!!!! So to all the loyal bloggers, that means you Jen, Jamie, Sue, Katy, Beth, Natalie, Rebekah, and so on!!!!! I can't wait to hear about your ONE WORD!!!!


Roses are Red, and Pink & Yellow

Happy Valentines Day ( a few days belated).

Mark & I celebrated a day early to beat the crowds & Uncle Paul & Aunt Rebekah watched the boys. I've been known to snub Olive Garden in the past (we had an amazing local italian eatery in ATL that put OG to shame), but I have to apologize to the OG for my snub. We went there for our Valentine's dinner and boy was it AMAZING!!! Both our meals were fantastic and we enjoyed a fantastic tiramisu & coffee. I can't wait til the next time I can go back to the OG!! Oh, check out the awesome blossoms my sweet hubby bought me!!

On Thursday we watched my niece Avery (4mo) - we got her doing some 'prop sitting'. Look at my little ham Carter cheesin' it up for the camera!

boys and remote controls

If I looked hard enough I'm sure I could find a picture of Mark and Anderson both kissing the remote control too! This just proves boys' addiction to the remote control begins at a very very early age!! couldn't resist! : )

Line Leader

I had Anderson's 1st parent-teacher conference on Friday (I know he just started, but this was an already scheduled date). His teacher is soooo awesome, warm & friendly!! She said that Anderson is adapting really well, and is holding his own really well, especially considering that he's so young. She said he loves to sing and is really obedient (huh??). She said that he even asked to be 'wine weader' or line leader to the rest of us! Anderson already told me that I need to buy him a Gator shirt like his friends - so the peer pressure begins! So precious. I'm so proud of my little pre-schooler!

the Speech!

I'm a member of our Toastmasters club at work - if you aren't familiar with it, it's an organization that helps individuals become better public speakers providing a friendly 'forum' for practicing our speaking skills. I gave my first speech on Thursday - the 1st speech is called an "icebreaker" and is supposed to be about me or a hobby, etc. So what was my icebreaker about? Being a mommy blogger, of course! I'm proud to say that my speech went muchhhhh better than I expected, I still need a LOT of work. The biggest piece of constructive criticism - watching my pace (no surprise since I'm a fast talker!). Anyway, I'm soooooo relieved to get this speech behind me!!!!


2nd Annual Valentine's Social

The Ratz hosted our 2nd annual Valentines Social with their small group & our Maggiore small group. We have such a great time - it's nice to spend time with just the adults!!! Already looking forward to next year!!! See the Ratz blog for more details & pics. I think next year we'll let someone else play the newlywed game - YIKES!!! Thanks Ratz family!!!

Anderson's Dental Procedure

We went to have Anderson's cavities filled this morning. Our appointment was at 7:15am and therefore we had to WAKE our little man to get there in time (we never have to wake him for anything!) As soon as we get there, they give him a little grape 'cocktail'. The nurse told me to watch him in and that in about 15-20minutes he would become 'groggy' - that's not an adjective I'm very aware of in a 3 yr old. Sure enough, he starts stumbling and became very 'busy' (according to Anderson). With that I gathered him on my lap to read some books as he became more and more sedated. They came and took him back (Mommy couldn't go) and I didn't see him again for another hour or so. They said he did great but that he wasn't as sedated as they would of liked and therefore they took a bit longer than usual. After getting him home I layed him down for a nap, we read one book and as I was going to get him a 2nd book per his request, he fell asleep. I layed down with him for a couple of hours to get a little rest myself and to also keep an eye on it. He's still resting - poor little guy. The drug they used induces some sort of amnesia so he won't remember the cavities being filled. Thanks goodness. Thanks for everyone's prayers and good thoughts for my little man (& me too!).....


Bustin' a move with Niko!

We had a last minute dinner date with the Liberatores on Sunday nite at "Jason's Jelly" as Anderson refers to it..... Such a great casual joint for the kids. The kids even had a dance floor to bust a move!! (yes, I'm that mom that lets her 3 yr old dance in the middle of the restaurant!)

Carter meets .....

Carter meets rice cakes, crackers, grass & the jumperoo!!! We're having a great time introducing new things to Carter. Seems like just about everyday he is getting to experience something new! What fun!!

digging the rice cake...
the johnny jumper was always a favorite of Andersons....
Carter's first experience 'in the grass' - not sure of it....
hmmm, so buttery


First Day of School!!!

On Monday Anderson started his 1st day at Greenbrier Christian as a preschooler! Mark & I both took him for his 1st day and helped him hang up his jacket and mosy over to the playarea where they play before their day officiallly starts. I stayed with him for a bit til it was time to go to his classroom. He was very shy but carefully watching all of the children around him. He wouldn't speak to any of the children, even when they approached him. As we headed towards his classroom, Anderson must have sensed my apprehensiveness - - "Mommy, I'm having fun with my new friends!". How precious, he hadn't said one word to his new friends, but he wanted to assure his Mommy that he was going to be fine!!! We got good reports from all we met at his new school about how well he was doing as a preschooler. I'm so proud of my little man.

Katy S started watching Carter on Monday too. Kinda like deja vu since she started watching Anderson at just about the same age! She is such a wonderful friend who has an amazing capacity to love other people's children. We thank the Lord for Katy and her willingness to watch Carter!

Those of you who know me well know that I am constantly restless and worried about my children's care while I'm at work. It is such a wonderful feeling when I'm not consumed with daycare issues - it's always a tough balance for me to be both a Mommy and part-time career gal and daycare challenges always sway the pendulum of self-doubt. I am so thankful and confident at this moment that I have made these changes!!!!

Feeling a lit bit unsure about this new joint!
I suck my fingers when I'm nervous....
Getting out some nervous energy before the bell rings!


First day of School jitters

Anderson starts his 1st day of preschool tomorrow. I'm very excited and very anxious. He's been going to daycare of some sort forever so I don't know why I feel this way, but nonetheless I feel like its my first day of school!!! We've got most of the supplies ready to go, the lunchbox is packed, his clothes are laid out....

Super Bowl Sunday

For the 3rd???? (maybe 4th?) year in a row, we've had our small group Super Bowl party at Maggiore Senior's home- the guys met in the afternoon to play paintball then the wives & children join later for food & fun!

Erin was fine with Anderson driving so long as she could do some 'backseat driving'. I think Anderson drove for 2 minutes before he let Erin do the driving. I thought this was a sweet moment between the two dear friends!

Ryan is an amazingly good 'power wheels' driver! Guess all that tractor drivin' has come in handy!

Jamie & Emily

Me & happy go lucky Carter

Scary, huh? from L to R - Joe, Kevin, Brent, Daniel & Mark (not pictured Dave S or Dave R)

Future paint-baller. Don't worry, I'm not a fan of 3yr olds & guns either.....