Of all days!

Anderson turned 6 on Friday, October 15th. We had such a celebration planned - especially since his big day landed on a Friday - I planned on 'cooking' in his class (a special treat), bringing him & a buddy a special lunch from Wendy's (his favorite), we had gifts laid out, donuts on the table, the big 6 year old sleepover party lined up - and guess who got sick Thursday nite!!!!! As me & Mark went to bed Thursday nite, Anderson greeted us crying and burning up a fever. My heart was breaking - the school rule was that they have to stay out of school for 24 hours after having a fever. It didn't make a difference, he woke up burning up on Friday too. It was official - Anderson was sick and had to stay home from school on his birthday!!! To boot, we obviously had to cancel his bday party that nite as well. I was soooo sad for him - of all days!! Since he began preschool he has never missed a day of school for sickness, so I couldn't believe it!!! I kept telling Mark 'God wants us to learn a lesson in this timing'. I'm not sure I know, or I'll ever know, but because we had to cancel his birthday essentially, Anderson seemed to benefit from birthday celebrations a bit longer than usual!

Anderson is such a blessing to our family - with his 'strong willed' personality, there is never a dull moment with Anderson. He keeps us on our toes for sure. He is so smart and is excelling at school. He is showing to be a good little athlete too. "Little" being the key word. At his 6 year check-up he weighs in at a whopping 38 pounds - -he measures at the 10%ile in both height and weight. As much as this little man challenges me, he is my pride and joy and I feel so honored that God entrusted Mark & I with him!!!

the birthday boy, home sick opening his gifts....
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Jen said...

Oh he looks so sad. I know that was a hard day for you. I'm so glad he got a "redo" and the party went off without a hitch. We love you Anderson and miss celebrating these big days with you. We'll see you soon though - hopefully!