Our 1st Slumber Party

For Anderson's 6th birthday party - I was stumped for ideas!!! We have new sod we just laid in the backyard and we really didn't want a bunch of boys rolling & tackling each other on the sod just yet, so I was scrounging for ideas. I didn't want to spend tons of money and we didn't want to invite a gazillion kids - just the boys Anderson spends a lot of time with. We nearly had the party at a good friend's home but in the end we opted for sheer bravery. We invited 4 of Anderson's best buddies to come spend the nite! I was told my dozens and dozens of my bravery (or foolishness) but I was confident in these boys and their behavior. If I wasn't convinced 100% that they would all be well behaved then I would not have gone this route. The boys were perfect - truly, we had zero conflict and I never even had to do a second-call for lights-out. I turned the lights out and I never heard another peep!! We had to get up and going the next morning as 4 of the 5 boys play on the same baseball team so we had to get all dressed in their uniforms, teeth brushed, fed with special chocolate chip Star Wars panakes, etc!

hard to corral 6 boys including Carter for a candid pic -- note all the bare chests! ;)

enjoying ice creama cake

in PJs enjoying 'It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown"
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Katy said...

i love the pjs picture of all the boys - what fun!!! can you believe how big these boys of ours are getting!!!