Pumpkin Patch 2010

We got smart this year and beat the crowds to the pumpkin patch! Instead of waiter for October and cooler weather, we fooled 'em all by heading in the still hot summer GA weather in September!!! We still had perfect landscapes surrounding us (who cares the leaves weren't turning colors yet?) and we had our pick of the 'patch. Some great picture opportunities as usual and we had a great time with great friends -- looking forward to next year already!

Carter & Anderson

my little punkin

the Judds
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Katy said...

those pumpkins are ridiculously HUGE!!! and how come no one told mark that the family outfit that day was going to require stripes? :)

Jen said...

Those are the biggest pumpkins I've ever seen. I can only imagine Carter pouncing on pumpkin after pumpkin!