Anderson is a Kindergartner!!!!!

I can't believe this day is actually here! Anderson started school last Monday at Ocee Elementary as a Kindergartner!! He was soooo excited and not the least bit anxious. He could hardly stand the countdown until school started - he was ready!! He has an excellent teacher and walked into his classroom without hesitation on Monday! When he returned home (off the bus), he was rattling off all of the teacher's expectations and rules and he didn't miss a beat! After much deliberation, he is riding the bus - - I've heard nothing but positive comments from all of our neighbors and school friends and I couldn't stand the thought of waking Carter to take Anderson to school. So for now, we're riding the bus until we have reason to not ride the bus. Here's to a wonderful kindergarten year!
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Katy said...

sounds very much the same as this family! i can't believe these boys are in kindergarten this year - but boy has jacob loved it!!! i'm so glad anderson was excited - he's quite the pro at schools and all, but isn't it a relief to see them enjoying it so much!!! way to go big boy! (did carter miss his buddy???)