Busch Gardens 2010

We were soooo glad to make another visit to Busch Gardens during our summer trip to Virginia Beach -- it was fun introducing Carter to all the rides -- the last time we were there he was barely walking and wasn't able to do much, this time was much different! Plus, they've added the Sesame Street section since our last visit too! It was a wonderful long day with some of our very best friends. 10 hours at Busch Gardens with 8 kids and not one single meltdown! that has to be a record for sure!!!

all the 'big' kids!
Anderson, Ryan, Carter, Anna, Emily & Erin

me & Carter riding a dragon!

suprisingly, even the 'big' kids liked buddying up to the characters!

Mark & Anderson after a fun water ride
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Katy said...

how fun to go with all the buds!!! love the picture of all the kids on the ride together - that's so cute!

Anonymous said...

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