Braves vs Cardinals

Evan the Cardinals fan, Anderson the Braves fan

the Judds, summer 2010
all the boys with Jake
watching the game intently!

So Anderson is a die-hard Braves fan. It started last year but really cranked up this season. He knew most of the key players and their respective positions, he would be sad if bedtime came before the end of the Braves game (which is often the case) and his 1st question out of his mouth in the morning would be "Did the Braves win?". Loves loves loves baseball. He went to his first major league Braves game last summer but this summer we knew we had to get him to at least one game. Of course the entire summer had almost come and gone when we knew we had to get to a game. Our best GA friends, the O'Neills wanted to go to a game too. Jill's baby brother is a pitcher for the St Louis Cardinals (Jake Westbrook) and the perfect opportunity came up - - the Cardinals were playing the Braves at home on a Saturday nite AND Jake was the starting pitcher. What a perfect storm of opportunity! So we were able to go to the game, sit in perfect seats, cheer on a dear friend's brother all the while cheering on our Braves. The game went into 4 extra innings - bonus baseball fun. All 4 of our boys were perfect and we had a fantastic time! After the game we were even allowed to go 'below the stadium' to see Jake. A magical experience for any little boy, nevermind one who LOVES baseball.