Carter is a Pre-Schooler!

So this post is very belated but blogging is close to the very bottom of my priority list. I've got to get better since I'm not a scrapbooker - sigh... Gotta do something with my pictures...

Carter started preschool in early September -- he is LOVING it!!! On the 1st day of school, there was no anxiety whatsoever (from him anyway!). The school encourages carpool drop-off starting from the very 1st day and Carter just hopped out, no problem, waved goodbye and was on his way. Basically every teacher at his school knows him already - if they have the priviledge of getting him out of my car or standing between him and his class after he gets out of my car, they get a Carter tidbit -- like, look at my shirt or my shoes, or my bandaid, or we went to the pumpkin patch yesterday -you get it!! I had tears welling in my eyes after I saw my little fella walking into the school by himself. What a big boy. He just loves school - -he tells me that he is going to be Ms Jennifer's helper. Such a sweet little guy. They tell me he tries really hard.....

the obligatory 'front o the house' 1st day of school pic

I can do it all by myself, mom!

bye Mom, I love you!


Katy said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!! baby carter is off to preschool! it makes it so much easier when they are excited to go! i've always said that i would probably fall apart if i had one hanging to my leg crying not to go! glad it's been successful so far! :)