The Tubes are in!!!!!!!!!

This morning Carter had his ear tube surgery, and praise the Lord all went really well!! Carter was scheduled for 7:30am and so we had to be there at 5:45 which meant Mark & I were up at 4:45 (UGH!). Anderson spent the nite with the Schrodts (a million thanks Katy & David) so that he wouldn't be bothered by our extra early wake-up call. Carter's procedure was very very short and he was a trooper for not being able to eat beforehand! He was even able to hang in his PJs the whole time!!
Thank you to all of the friends & family who lifted up prayers & thoughts for our little man (& mommy too!). The Dr. said that his ears were pretty bad, so I feel reassured that proceeding with the tubes was a wise decision. Now we are looking forward to Carter learning to speak with his newfound hearing!!

the coolest waiting area - complete with toys for every age, the toys helped distract this very hungry little boy

Loving on his bunny, waiting to be seen

the perfect patient allowing the nurse to take his blood pressure without fuss

after surgery, he DOWNED 2 whole sippy cups of apple juice - you would think the boy hadn't drinken in days, not hours!

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Anderson meets his new teachers

Anderson starts back to 'pre-school' next Wednesday. Yesterday, we had his 'orientation' to meet his new teachers. Anderson knew both teachers already from last year, so that made the intros much easier. Of the few kids that were in the class when we got there, Anderson knew all of them - he was happily welcomed by all of them - - 'ANDERSON!!!!!'. It sure makes me feel good that he is well liked (I guess all 3 and 4 year olds like everyone, but....) Not knowing what the 1st day of school would hold for us next week, I went ahead and got a picture of Anderson with his new teacher- Mrs. Leader and her assistant Mrs. Sims. We are looking forward to another great year at Greenbrier Christian Academy! Go Gators!!! (p.s. as a UGA bulldawg, that's the only time you'll hear me say that!!!)
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Flyin' High

Lately my job has been requiring me to travel more frequently to Roanoke - it's a grueling 5 hour drive which as you can imagine - is no fun! Tuesday nite before my trip on Wednesday, I received a phone call from work - I was on the corporate jet to Roanoke! This was a first for me and I was soooo excited! Our Chief Marketing Officer was headed to Roanoke for my meeting and therefore there was room on the corporate jet! It was; however, made crystal clear to me that I was on the flight THERE, but not on the way back - I would have to catch a ride with a commoner in the car!! (oh well!) I tell you what, that is the way to do it - I didn't have to arrive early for my flight, as soon as we boarded we took off and I was in the beautiful 'Star City' 45 minutes later!!!! I could get used to this! ; )

No 'Itch' Here!

Mark & I celebrated 7 years of wedded bliss on Monday. I can't believe it's been that long! I am so thankful that the Lord united us - Mark is an amazing hubby and I couldn't ask for a better daddy to my boys. Even though our days and weeks can be crazy and stressed, I never want to lose sight of the fact that the Lord has provided these days of joy to Mark & me - we are soooo blessed!!!

To celebrate, we headed to Williamsburg (no boys allowed) for a nite to ourselves. We headed 1st to Busch Gardens - we thought it would be fun to do the park without a stroller - we had fun, but I think we both decided that it's more fun with our boys! We took off from BG and headed to our resort - awesome! We enjoyed some wine & watched 'Enchanted' which happened to be on cable (I love that movie!). We slept in on Saturday and headed to a 'southern style breakfast' and then headed to the Williamsburg Winery. We enjoyed the tour & tasting but were anxious to head back (can you believe that?). We then stopped off at Trader Joes (Mark had never been) and then went to recollect our precious gifts (Anderson & Carter). This was Carter's 1st nite without both Mommy & Daddy and he did great!!!! Thanks Uncle Paul & Aunt Rebekah!!!!

Beach sans Daddy

For the 1st time I took the boys to the beach all by myself - - it's usually a family outing considering all the 'stuff' you have to transport, but Jamie & I braved it 'without Daddy'. I stuffed Carter in the wagon with all of our 'sand toys' and drug that heavy heavy wagon thru the sand (that counts as a workout, right?). Anyway, many of you gals have done this 5thousand times (and likely with 10 more kiddos), but for me, this was a first (so indulge me please!).

Can you see Carter's sandy face - this is the norm....

Anderson & Ryan racing back & forth....
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What a mess!!!

Carter is, no doubt, a picky eater! But, recently we seemed to have turned a small corner and he is starting to eat bits of the meals that I offer him (Thank goodness!). I think he particularly enjoyed this meal .... even his hair is covered in pasta sauce!!! Straight to the tub after dinner!!!!

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6 week challenge UPDATE!

This is the last week of my 6week challenge at the Y! I have enjoyed it and though it's difficult to fit it into our crazy schedule without guilt, I'm glad that I'm making the time, and very glad that Mark is so supportive. I've started taking a "Zumba" class which has been so fun - it's a cardio class basically doing 'Latin' dancing. Oh boy, I take comfort in the fact that there are usually at least one person less coordinated than me!! I know it must be humorous to see me try to 'shake it', but I'm having fun!

Carter's ears...

I wanted to report back out about Carter's ears. We saw the ENT last week and determined that tubes would be the best course of action. I'm getting progressively more concerned about his hearing and the doctor thinks the surgery should address that. Carter is scheduled to have his surgery next Friday, Aug 29th at 7:30am. Mark your calendars - we'll need your prayers!! Although I'm a bit anxious about the procedure, I'm looking forward to Carter feeling better!!


Perfect Weather

Jen & her girls
Can you believe Erin actually took this pic or me, Jen & April

Today's weather was amazing - perfect for a trip to our local Botanical Gardens. We have an annual pass and it has been well worth it- the Childrens Garden is really neat and my boys look forward to going & have a blast there. Today we brought friends with us - Jen & her girls and April & Kayla. We picnicked in the shade then let the kiddos play in the fountains.

Get out of the house!!!!

On Sunday Mark wasn't feel too great so he stayed home from church & so I took the boys to give him some rest. Sunday afternoon brought short naps for the boys and stir crazy parents so we just got in the car with no real place to go. We headed towards the Va Beach Town Center which is just a few minutes away. We got out and let the boys wonder around the plaza with the water fountains. Anderson had a blast running around the fountains and Carter kinda 'moseyed' around. Might have to head there more often - did I mention there is a ColdStone there too (although we didn't partake....)

Carter the wanderer

Anderson & the fountains
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Back to BG

We headed back to Busch Gardens (BG) for possibly one of our last trips of the summer. This was our first summer with BG and it's been great. The boys are at a great age for it and we're so fortunate to have such an amazing 'park' so close (despite the yucky Williamsburg traffic). We went again with the Maggiores (the BG pros) - they make our trips easy b/c they know where everything is!!! They are like our own personal tour guides!!

this trip found Anderson 'tall' enough to ride the 'big' swings (2 weeks ago he was denied)

the red (um white) baron

my little Dinosaur

love me some chocolate ice cream!

isn't he too cute!!!!!!

Anderson's taste buds are maturing -he is now a fan of 'green' ice cream (aka mint chocolate chip)

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How to make an ear infection feel better.....

Poor little Carter has been battling with ear infection after ear infection. He's had a rough couple of months. Just this last week his pediatrician referred us to an ENT doctor to discuss the possibility of ear tubes - we meet with the ENT on Thursday. Apparently Carter constantly has fluid in his ears so they're the perfect breeding ground for infections. They are also concerned that the fluid is contributing to his lack of speech. He's still well within 'normal' for speech, but Mommy is starting to get a little concerned. Anyway, on another HOT day in Va Beach, the boys found a little relief in the sprinkler. Yep, I'm the mom who lets my kids get in the water regardless of their attire - - of course, Anderson is donning only his briefs and Carter went in 'fully clothed'.... if it makes his ears feel better even for a few minutes, I'm all about it..... ; )
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