Unchartered Territory here I come!

Since I announced our plan to move back to GA, I have been discussing my 'future' with NS. All along I knew there was the chance that I wouldn't be able to continue my 'reduced schedule' career with NS but I thought that surely I'd be able to stay on. However, once I declared our intentions with my boss - things didn't look good. Right off the bat Mark & I had to flesh out our plans again and determine if we were to stay the course. After much prayer & debate, we decided that no matter my 'career', Atlanta here we come. Then NS came back and indicated there were many reasons to be hopeful, then things didn't look good again, and so on and so forth. In the end, NS can't accomodate me in Atlanta - my 'reduced' schedule to blame - but going back to work full-time wasn't an option for me - not now and not in the foreseeable future, so it looks like for the time being, I'm going to be a stay-at-home-mom! The Lord has given me a complete peace in this change and I'm embracing this opportunity to stay at home with my boys - for I know that this is simply a new chapter in my life and it's time to turn the page.

""For I know the plans I have for you," says the Lord"they are plans for good and not disaster, to give you a future and a hope.""
Jeremiah 29:11


Our "going home" party

My best friends Jen & Jamie hosted a 'going home' party for us Judds - it was quite surreal attending our 'going away' party. I was really scared about the evening worried that I would spend it tearful, but instead it was a happy occasion, a wonderful reminder of how blessed we have been to have lived here the last 5 years and the amazing friends the Lord has brought our way. I know that we were brought here to Va Beach with a purpose, and it is crystal clear to me, that the Lord brought us in fellowship with amazing families 'on the same page' with us. I know that because of these friendships, that I am better equipped to do 'life'. We have established many friendships that will last a lifetime - -of that I am certain. Here are some pics from the evening - unfortunately my picture taking started a bit late in the nite so I missed some snapshots with some dear friends....

my peeps - Jen, me & Jamie
the Jackson family - Jessica, Chris & Cody -expecting another little one in April!!!

Barb - a friend from work, spending some quiet time 'teaching' Carter. Barb is one of those special friends whom I just think the world of. I haven't known her more than 1year and a half, but love this woman! She is so wise, and she is amazing!
the 3 little friends - after the festivities, Mark was able to quickly capture a rare photo of these best buds!
me & Mark with Sue & Dave

the Judds & Schrodts - Katy & David have been a huge blessing to our family - not once, but twice, Katy has lovingly cared for my boys for extended periods of time -Anderson from 10months to 2years and Carter from 8months to 18months. We will never be able to fully express our gratitude for the blessing they've been to us!!!the Maggiores & Judds....

the 'other' Judds - Paul & Rebekah....

small group friends (and SEC comrades!) Elizabeth & Daniel with their girls Reagan & Bellawork friends Kristen & Barb (with curious Carter)

our dear friends the Liberatores - Mark met Mike at work and we've been friends ever since - their boys Niko & Tony are great buddies with Anderson & Carter. Niko and Anderson went to 'school' together for 1year.... They are precious friends with generous hearts!
Amy & Chris Purcell -small group friends we recently bonded with in Nags Head...

April, David & Kayla - April & I used to work out (or walk) together sometimes - this girl cracks me up!

the men.... (what Hunks!!)

the women... (what an amazing support network!!)

this is what Anderson & Ryan did all nite long -Wrestle!!!!!!!!

Believe it or not, Paul & Mark actually dressed alike - not on purpose, but I guess it's the twin thing!!!!!! For those of you who can't tell - Mark is left, Paul right....

an attempt at getting a family photo.... UGH!

Our friend Chris Jackson served as a live jungle gym for the kids all evening - kids climbed on him all night long!!!Judds & Saunders....... (Kevin - open your eyes!!!!!)


Greek- Italian Nite!

Our great friends, the Liberatores, invited us over to their home Saturday nite to let our 4 boys play and to have dinner. When they do dinner, we know we are in for a treat and that we are going to eat GOOD!!!! Mike is Greek and Roseann is Italian (I think I got that right) and so they always cook authentic italian food (such an awesome treat!!!). I wish I had taken a pic of the amazing antipasti platter Roseann had for us (I think I at 1lb of salami by myself!). We had a great time, as usual, and the 4 boys (and Avery) had a blast. We will miss our dear friends - we love you Mike, Roseann, Niko & Tony!!! Please come down South for many visits!!!

the best we could do to get the 4 boys together.....

toddler friends Carter & Tony
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Brother Bath time

Every nite after dinner, Anderson asks - "can we take a bath tonite", when we give him the usual favorable response "yes" - he is sooo excited because this means fun in the tub with baby brother. Carter just as excitedly climbs in the tub. They have a blast in the tub - I hope that they always enjoy this time together and willingly climb in the tub!!!

Here the boys are sporting their matching 'mo-hawks'
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Cousins - Carter & Avery

We had the fun priviledge of watching my 1year old niece Avery while Paul & Rebekah took a weekend to get-away with some of their friends. This was their 1st time away from Avery and they all did great (parents & Avery) alike! Recently Carter & Avery have starting interacting & playing with each other - it was neat to watch them. I'm so sad that now that their cousin friendship is truly beginning, we're seperating them. Reunions will be that much more fun.

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Is this denial?

It's no secret that the Judds are moving. At first I didn't post about our move thinking the date was still aways away, then I didn't want to post because the cat wasn't completely out of the bag in regards to our workplaces, but lately I haven't wanted to post because I don't have eloquent words to say and can't think of the words to capture the thousand different feelings & emotions going on in my mind. It's amazing that you can have so many different thoughts & opinions on one topic. We are excited about our move to Atlanta, but more than anything my heart hurts for the soon to be 600+ miles between me and my best friends. What makes my eyes water even faster is the distance we are putting between my boys (mainly Anderson of course) and his best buddies. His best buddies since birth and even before! We have such an amazing support 'network' here that I'm scared about 'starting over'. When we left Atlanta, we weren't parents, so this will be a brand new experience for us.

So that's enough for now, I can't think too much about it all or my head will explode. Off to find a box to pack I suppose....


Soccer - in the grass!

My original post of Anderson and his 1st season playing soccer was in the gym at the YMCA due to a field conflict so I decided to blog again with the 'real' soccer experience - in the grass! Anderson is loving playing soccer. Rebekah & I (read Rebekah) 'hemmed' Anderson's dress (um shirt) to the best of our abilities. Anderson spends more time on the ground than he does on his feet, but enjoys it thoroughly!!

dribbling downfield, notice the tongue a la Michael Jordan!

Anderson manning the goal

the Seattle Sounders
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Halloween Bonfire!

We had a great Friday 'halloween' nite. Our friends the Jacksons, had a 'fall' party complete with a bonfire and an amazing feast! We had a great evening fellowshipping with all our friends. The kiddos did a mini trick or treat run and the grown-ups just enjoyed the food & friendships. Thanks Jackson family for a wonderful evening!!! We will soooo miss events like this!!!

This is a pic of Madeline and Carter - I so wish you could see Madeline's face - they were so cute being pulled from house to house!

This was Anderson's 1st time trick or treating - he acted like an old pro!

A rare photo of me & Jamie - one of my very best VaBeach buds!

Anderson & Jacob 'winding' down from the nite!
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The early bird gets the worm? I voted.....

You ever hear the saying "the early bird gets the worm"? Well, I arrived at the poll this a.m. at 6 thinking I'd cast my vote and be home in 10minutes for Mark to do his duty. Yeah, right!! I got there at 6, waited in the rain for 10minutes, then got to wait inside for another hour & half! It was somewhat chaotic as one of the 'volunteers' kept letting people go ahead - she didn't mean to, she just didn't have a clue! Anyway, after finally getting out of there, I headed home to let Mark go to work. As painful as the hour and a half standing in line was, I was sooooo glad I didn't have 2 precious little Judd boys with me!!!! Shortly I'll be heading to Starbucks & Chick-fil-a to redeem my "voting perks"!

Please please pray for our country and its leadership.