Word Verification Craziness

OK all of you high security blogger friends - Someone may have to loan me their magnifying glass to key in the crazy letters required to let me comment on your blog. I keep entering in the wrong letters and I'd like to think it's a function of the computer application and NOT the blogger (me)! All of this in good fun, but is it just me or the letters are getting harder and harder to detect? (you'll notice that I declined to turn on the word verification!)


I'm so excited that Carter is getting old enough where I can start dressing the boys alike (sometimes). Today was the boys first day dressing alike. Anderson LOVED dressing like his baby brother. Now I just have to buy Mark the same shirt! Sunday morning just may get a bit easier now.... (we'll see about that!)

this was my favorite, but its FUZZY - ARGH!!!

A Day at the Zoo

We ventured to the Norfolk Zoo yesterday with our friends Mike & Niko. Unfortunately Roseann wasn't feeling that great, so she & Tony weren't able to make it. It was a PERFECT day for the zoo - not too hot, but just hot enough! Niko & Anderson had a great time catching up and checking out the animals.


Return to the Blogosphere!

I'm back!!!!! Been quite busy with life and blogging hasn't been a priority, but I'm back now and ready to blog away!

Last weekend we took a trip to Atlanta - it was kind of a whirlwind trip but we got to see my family, Mark's older brother's family and several friends. All in all the boys were well behaved and we even got to attend our friend's little Drew's 1st bday party!

We finally got to meet one of my dearest friends' little boys - this is Caren holding her little William (6months) and my little Carter. We had lunch with Caren and her husband and for some reason Anderson was on his WORST behavior. It really stinks b/c they've only hung out with Anderson a couple times so they don't know how good he can be (sometimes.....)

Anderson (aka Spiderman) and Evan - they had a blast with this Spiderman mask!

Carter loved playing with all of Drew's toys!!! He especially loved pulling himself up on this one.

Anderson could have played with Evan's baseball tee for hours upon hours. I need to remember this for his bday......

Here is little Drew enjoying his bday cake!! Happy Birthday little guy!
Carter even has to suck on his fingers while swinging! I think we are going to have one hard time breaking this kid of his beloved fingers!!!!!!!!


Poor little Nemo....

Well it will be a difficult morning tomorrow explaining to Anderson that dear little Nemo won't be joining him at breakfast. Since Nemo's water was quite 'murky', we changed his water tonite and apparently that was not a good idea.... So Mark tells me he is going to put Nemo in the disposal .... UGH -NOOOOOOOO!!! Please please please put him down the potty! Mark asks me "what's the difference"? Yucko, can you imagine the disposal 'taking care' of Nemo?????? Oh, these men sometimes! ; ) We'll miss you little Nemo!


Deep Thoughts from Anderson

For my benefit, I've decided to start jotting down funny Anderson sayings (& one day Carter sayings). I'm going to find a way to start keeping a tally of these on my blog, but for now - here is the first teaser. I'm not going to include the context, b/c I think they'll be more fun without. Please don't feel obliged to comment if you don't want.....

Anderson: "Mommy, you are getting tooooo heavy!!" 4.7.08

Take the good, take the bad...

The Bad: So on Saturday we had plans to meet our friends, the Liberatores at Chuck E Cheese to let the boys play together - Anderson & Niko use to play together every day at 'school' but now we've parted ways with that childcare provider and the boys are at different schools now. Any way, we were very excited about our date with them and would be getting in the car pretty much right after naptime. Unfortunately we were unable to make our commitment - Anderson woke up from his nap on the absolute 'wrong' side of the bed. He was so mean and refused to talk to me, demanding Mark (who was out on an errand) - at any rate, given that Chuck E Cheese was all for him, we made the decision to sit this one out - I'm not going to 'reward' him immediately after he was so disrespectful. Oh well, mean mean mom. Please tell me friends, that you've had to do the same thing with your precious little 'angels'? What really stinks is that we really wanted to spend time with them too, oh the sacrifices we have to make as parents!!! Anyway, we stayed in, played puzzles and put the boys to bed a little early keeping in mind the crazy busy Sunday we had planned.

The Good: Sunday was a jammed pack day full of fun. After church we headed home to 'regroup' then headed to the Tides game in the rain, fortunately Kevin scored the NS box, so us ladies got to socialize 'inside' the whole time. From there, we headed to Alexander's 5th bday party. It was raining & yucky outside, but the kids had a blast! Eventhough Anderson hardly spoke at the party, he's been talking lots about the fun party he went to! Most exciting is that Anderson's new pet goldfish "Nemo" is still alive and kickin! (original name, ay?)

Some random photos:

Anderson brought a worm into the house - the kicker - the worm was dead!!

Carter after a yummy meal of chicken noodle 'something' in a jar!

being precious

fun with Daddy at the Tides game!

Carter all bundled up at Alexander's bday party!


Carter, the climber?

I've always heard that as far as crawling goes - you have your climbers and your non-climbers. I was always amazed at friends' tales of their kids scaling the walls and their furniture. Anderson, obviously, was not classified as a climber -he always stayed on ground level. Carter, on the other hand, looks like he is turning into the little climber - most days I can find him on the bottom shelf on my baker's rack. He's still a crawling machine although his crawl isn't the traditional crawl, its the Judd style commando move.

Looks mischievous, doesn't he???