It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

We started trimming the tree last nite (Monday). Anderson really enjoyed hanging ornaments. He had the task of putting the 'snowflakes' on the tree - so there is a very large concentration of snowflakes in one spot of our tree. Eventually Mark & I will have to 'spread out' the snowflakes! Of course, Anderson is in his undies - oh well, so much for 'picturesque'!

Jamie, by the way, the very 1st ornament on our tree - the VeggieTales ornament Ryan & Emily gave Anderson last year! Thought you'd feel honored!! ; )

poor Carter had to go to bed & missed tree trimmin'

Anderson really wanted to make a Play-doh Christmas tree, so here it is!

PJs & undies for tree trimmin'!

He's enjoying himself - can't you tell!

Pickin' and Hangin'

Trees and Lights, that is.

Trees: We headed out Sunday nite to pick the Judd family Christmas tree - somewhat anti-climatic as Carter was screaming on the way to get the tree... and I'm like 'let's just grab the tree and go!' We looked at several trees and once we received Anderson's 'seal of approval', we were off! Of course we got home, put the naked tree up and realized we didn't really feel like decorating it just yet.....

In the afternoon, Mark spent quite a bit of time putting up the lights in the yard. He really gets into it and I'm always fearful that he is going to fall & break his neck. If you know Mark & his sarcasm, he always says as he's putting up the lights 'if I die, tell the boys I did it for them', oh brother, Mark!! This year, Anderson 'helped' - just another neck to worry about!

a rivaling tradition

For the last 3 years or so, we watch the big UGA - Ga Tech football game with the Maggiores. You see, Mark & I both went to UGA (and are breeding 2 young bulldawgs - Anderson & Carter) while Joe went to Ga Tech. The 1st year the Maggiores had to ponder our invite for a moment.... could both Mark & Joe behave themselves when the tough got going for their team? Well, obviously cooler minds prevailed as we've watched the game with them ever since. This year we went to Joe's parent's home to watch the game on the big plasma screen. Baba (Barbara to everyone else) entertained Erin & Anderson with the lifesized dollhouse outside, motorized vehicles, blocks, balls, etc. They had a blast together. Both Joe & Mark behaved themselves as their teams competed. We introduced two new fans this year - Carter & Anna. Us Judds refrained from wearing our 'red and black' in respect for the hosting Tech fans.

Oh did I forget to mention the Dawgs were victorious???

Our newest Bulldawg, Carter watches the game with Daddy

First time for Carter & Anna


Chuck E & Josiah

Our good bud, Josiah is turning 5 years old and so we went to his party on Saturday @ Chuck E Cheese!! A good time was had by all. The theme- Transformers, "Josiah.... more than meets the eye!". Thanks for the good time!

Anderson the Builder!!
Speed Racer!
The crew!

sooooo Thankful

This Thanksgiving was different for us Judds this year. This was the 1st year since Mark & I have been married that we didn't celebrate with my parents or his. Instead this year we stayed home and went to Paul & Rebekah's home. Rebekah's parents & brother came in town, so we spent several hours with them. Wednesday nite "Thanksgiving Eve" we went to our church's Thanksgiving service which I particularly enjoyed. The service was such an awesome reminder that we need to give our Thanks to the Lord God Almighty! Hope you & yours had a wonderful turkey day!!!

one more turkey to be thankful for!!!


Night Terrors

If I told you I hadn't slept well the last couple of nights, you might think - yep, she's got a 5 month old, but no no no - the 3 year old is the culprit! Last nite Mark & I think that Anderson had night terrors. Very scary. He's had them before, but its probably been close to a year the last incident. We were up with him 3 times last nite and he seemed possessed. I contemplated taking him to the ER, but then he seemed to 'come back'. Please pray for our little man that he would get peaceful rest tonite and nites to come. Its so hard seeing your child struggle with something like that. Sweet dreams .... (hopefully).


Sweet boy

Carter is my heart. He is just so precious and this time is going by so quickly. He's cutting 2 teeth right now and you would hardly know it by hanging out with him - he's just so happy. Such a sweet little spirit. This is my favorite time with him - he's not mobile, but he's smiling & interacting with us. He absolutely ADORES big brother Anderson who just makes him laugh & laugh. Gotta love those first precious belly laughs. He's been laughing for a while now, but only recently has he really starting with those belly laughs - only his brother can really get him giggling. Not alot to report right now, just wanted to jot down how much I adore this precious little guy.

That's Puzzling!

For Anderson's bday he got a 'Cars' puzzle. He LOVES it! After a few sessions with either Mark or I helping him, I've been so impressed at how much he can do on his own. It's funny, one time he'll do the puzzle practically by himself, the next time he might require more help. The last time, he did it completely by himself. I'm so proud (can't you tell!!!). I bought him another puzzle - this one's Diego and Santa will be bringing him another one for Christmas. I'm digging puzzles!!

the proud moment of puzzle completion 'all by himself'!!


Gummy Grins

We took the boys this a.m. to try to get some pictures of them before Carter has a full mouth full of teeth (yes, he's cutting 2 teeth as we speak). I just love gummy grins, so I wanted to get some pics before they were all the way out. Also, we didn't have much going on this Saturday morning (1st time in forever) so it was a good time to go and have Daddy's help. Carter did great - smiling away - the greatest little model. Big brother Anderson - UGH. Couldn't smile or wouldn't smile, not sure. Check 'em out. (Carter = 5months)