I saw this on a blog somewhere and thought it totally appropriate of Carter's current 'stage' of life. I had to post:

anyone with toddlers will appreciate this.
8 rules of toddler play
1. if i like it - it's mine
2. if it's in my hand - it's mine
3. if i can take it from you - it's mine
4. if i had it a little while a go - it's mine
5. if it's mine it must never appear to be yours in any way, shape, or form!
6. if i am doing or building something - all the peices are mine
7. if it looks like mine - it's mine
8. if i think it's mine - it's mine


Think pink - CBF 09

Cherry Blossom Festival that is - lovingly referred to as 'CBF' by my crazy hubby. We headed south to Macon for the annual festival - it's a fun time - all of Macon is abloom in Cherry Blossom trees and likewise everything else in Macon is decked in cherry blossom PINK! When I pack my bags for Macon during CBF, I pick out all my pink clothes - too bad Mark doesn't own anything pink!

I was surprised Anderson actually let me take a pic of him in the pink train! (like I said, everything is PINK!)

a sweet close up of my little guy (one of the few I could get - this little man can move!!!)

Anderson did pretty good at posing this day - oh how I wish he had something other than this superman shirt on, but OH well!

my big boy!!!!

me & my man standing in front of a known cherry blossom farm - it's soooo beautiful!!
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such an 'ice' guy...

We took advantage of some free italian ices at Rita's and learned a big lesson about 21month olds and icees - Carter did NOT enjoy his account of the brainfreeze he got -next time I think I'll forgo getting him one and stick to 'cleaner' treats. On the other hand, Anderson truly enjoyed his blueberry treat!
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Go Fish!

Anderson holding his map in front of a ginormous tank full of tropical fish (and even some small sharks!)
Me & the boys headed to downtown Atlanta this week to go to the new Atlanta Aquarium - it's the largest in the world and only been open a couple of years. For March they've been having a fantastic 'mommy & me' deal so me & a friend of mine took advantage of it and made the trip with our kids. It was a great morning -a bit crazy with a stroller, but Anderson thoroughly enjoyed it and Carter had a great time in spite of being trapped in his stroller the whole time....
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Don't you want somebunny to love?

This one is 'for the books'.... Meet Peter & Alex - these bunnies are very loved!! Peter (with the blue jacket) is Carter's - he is affectionately known as 'bunny'. Alex, a recent addition to our family, is Anderson's though he is often on loan to Carter. Carter sleeps with both bunnies for naptime, but Alex returns 'home' to sleep with Anderson at nite. I cherish these days - for I know my boys won't always be sleeping with precious little plush bunnies.... but will probably graduate to sleeping with their footballs, or whatever!!!
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Finally... a nite out!

Our friends Kevin & Natalie came to Hotlanta for a friend's wedding - Natalie is a friend that I bonded with over the last couple years in Va Beach -it wasn't so long ago that we realized we both worked downtown and furthermore, next door to each other. We enjoyed many a lunch-hour together, and it was always great to commiserate with another working mom. Our lives have both taken us different directions (literally!) since our many lunches together, but I will always remember Natalie as one that I knew 'could relate'!! So.... at any rate, Mark & I arranged for my parents to watch our boys and we headed for a nite out with grown-ups- a special treat! I don't know the last time we've gone out with another couple without kids in tow, so we truly enjoyed ourselves... Further, this was the 1st time we spent time with Kevin & Natalie as a couple - we had so much fun and many many giggles (Natalie, I've been snickering all day). We're just sad that we're now 600+ miles apart!!!
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Big boy!!!!

We put these pjs on Carter one nite last week to realize that 'oops' we missed his opportunity to wear them - I think they were a bit snug, ya think? This boy is just growing sooo fast and he is a big solid little man!! I simply couldn't resist posting his pudge!!!! I just LOVE this little chunker o' mine!!!!
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Out like a lamb????

One week later, we're reminded of the crazy weather we enjoy in the South - one March weekend it's snowing, the next I'm searching for shorts that fit.... We headed to Mark's parents in Macon to get in some Nana & Poppa time. We enjoyed some beautiful weather while there!

Don't try to tell Carter that he's not old enough - -he thinks he's 4 just like big brother...

a random family photo

Anderson spent quite a bit of time in this maple tree - it won't be able to hold him much longer - the poor limbs are likely 'sore' from all their activity this weekend!
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Our 1st Snowman

So we live in VA for 5years and hardly saw any snow at all - we have to move back down south 10hours to see snow - craziness!!! Anderson & Mark built their 1st snowman together - don't you just love his fashionable Gap scarf? Carter didn't care much for the snow but Anderson thoroughly enjoyed it!!
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Budding Musicians

During our fabulous whirlwind visit to Virginia in mid-Feb, we had a BLAST with friends but we were so busy socializing & catching up that my camera didn't do it's job.... During our visit with Paul, Rebekah & Avery I was able to manage a few shots of the boys & Avery.

Avery & Carter were making beautiful music together - can't you just here it now ; )

Anderson is forever singing and I can definitely see music in his future... Lately he has been doing a bit of the air guitar, so it was fun for him to play on a REAL guitar (thanks Uncle Paul!)
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And so it begins....

Carter is already fascinated with superheroes, just like big brother.... Here is his debut as Superman.... Doesn't seem that long ago that Anderon adorned this costume (ahem, uniform)...
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