Busch Gardens - for the very 1st time!

We've lived here nearly 5 years and I had never been to Busch Gardens until last weekend! Mark had been once before, but we took Anderson & Carter to their very 1st theme park. We joined the Maggiores who are 'regulars' at BG and showed us the ropes. After the Daddies rode the rollercoaster 'Griffon', Jen & I gave it a try -you should have seen us Mommies on that rollercoaster! We got in the single riders line and we got to ride in the FRONT ROW! It was awesome!!!

Anderson & Erin had a blast zipping from ride to ride. I couldn't believe how big they were waiting in lines together - -sometimes without any parents!!

Carter & Anna were super troopers, catching cat naps when possible. Anderson tried to steal a quick nap in the stroller at the very end of the day - he was tuckered out!


Indy date nite

Mark & I had a date nite on Friday - what a treat! Aunt Rebekah picked up the boys so Mark & I could head out early. We had dinner at TGIF - our food was pretty good, but the ambiance was pretty bad - I think I'm done with TGIF. We then headed to the movies - I think it's been 3+ years the last time I sat in the theater... We went to see the new Indiana Jones movie - Mark & I were big fans of the first 3 flics, so we were excited to be of the first to see the latest edition.

Here's the Judd review: wait til it comes out on DVD. We were both really disappointed. Some of it was very corny and forced. All in all, it was still entertaining, but I was personally sad that this is how the Harrison Ford Indiana Jones will be remembered..... Anyway, I rarely get the chance to provide a movie review, so thought I would take the opportunity!!!!

Is Daddy Home Yet?

I have on my hands 2 Daddy's boys! These boys LOVE LOVE LOVE their Daddy -and for good reason - he is an awesome playmate!! When 5:00 nears, Anderson is headed for the front door every couple of minutes to see if Mark is home yet - of course, Carter trots (or crawls rather) right behind!


Carter's cut

Well we almost made it to his 1st birthday, but we gave in & took little Carter to get his very 1st haircut. He did great - a little squirmy on Daddy's lap -but can you blame him? He looks like a little boy now. Another milestone come & gone.... I just love love love my little blonde boy!


No, I haven't started working out (hee hee), but Carter is now officially a stairmaster!!! He has been practicing when mommy allows (under careful watch) - and just yesterday he made it all the way from the bottom to the top! By the way, I don't have a babygate, so my eyes are glued to that little guy when we are downstairs (YIKES!)

Sing, sing a song....

Our home has been a little more musical lately - Anderson is forever singing some song. A couple mornings ago I was downstairs getting ready for work and at the bright & early time of 5:45am, I could Anderson singing 'Oh No, you never let go' by Matt Redman. So cute -even in the early early morning! We heard it together on the radio this morning & he told me 'it's my favorite' (at least for today I'm sure) Otherwise, he is humming the Star Wars theme for Darth Vader -dum dum dum da da dum da da dum. I love that this little guy loves to sing -whether 'worship' music or Star Wars music - it's all good to me!


May Fun!

Last weekend we headed to the Botanical Gardens with the Saunders. It was great weather and the kids had a great time in the fountains

Carter in one of my favorite outfits...
Sunday we went to the beach - I wish you could see Carter's face -it was covered with sand!! Carter kept trying to eat the sand. I think it's a lesson you learn the hard way.

Carter the cruiser

These days this is the sight at our house - Carter cruising around anything and everything. He pulls up on anything that will allow him to stand - it's very cute. It won't be long til he takes off!



Last Saturday, just like every Saturday morning, we were leaving our home to head for breakfast - this time we left a few minutes later than usual. For some reason we were a bit delayed - WOW, what a few moments can do. My neighborhood was extremely busy due to a neighborhood yard sale -as we were pulling out there was a bicyclist -we waited for him to pass then got ready to pull out of our driveway when I noted to Mark that I saw the biker on the ground. Instantly Mark got out to help and I stayed in the car with the boys. The bicyclist wasn't wearing a helmet and he had done a head dive when a lady opened her car door at the exact time the man was passing by. Needless to say it was a pretty gruesome sight - a big reminder that we should all wear helmets when on bikes, scooters, you name it. Mark helped the man to the sidewalk as he is moaning and groaning and there is blood everywhere. As some neighbors were calling 911 the injured biker mentions that he is HIV positive. This is where everything changed - Mark panicked as he had the man's blood on him. He only had a small splash on him but Mark hasn't been the same since - we know, without a doubt, that there is NO way he could be infected since he didn't have any open wounds or cuts, but this occurrence has really torn Mark apart. Eventhough he realizes it's not rational to be scared, he has been ridden with anxiety. I've never seen him like this before. We've shared this with many friends and family soliciting your prayers for Mark - that he would have peace and claim victory over Satan's attack. Here it is Thursday and Mark is still realing. It's obvious to me that God has a purpose in the events of last weekend and that He is trying to get Mark's attention. Anyway, I debated blogging about this, but thought it best to inform everyone so they could lift up Mark.


Performance Review

This morning during Carter's nap, Anderson & I were outside playing catch.... for a few minutes anyway... A snippit of our conversation:

Anderson: "Mommy, you aren't very good at this game" sternly
Mommy: smiling, giggling
Anderson: "it really isn't very funny"
Mommy: "sorry, buddy"
Anderson: "I think we should find something else to do"

Well, how about that!!!!!! Apparently my performance playing 'catch' needs improvement!!!!