Happy Birthday Jesus!

As many friends have already blogged, we had a great time at a Birthday Party for Jesus last week, hosted by Katy. I re-arranged my work schedule to allow me to take the boys. I figured this is one bday party we just can't miss. It was a crowded house at the Schrodts! So many kids, so many moms - such a good time.

Katy reading the kids a story by the Christmas tree....

Anderson showing off his newly decorated Christmas tree ornament... (thanks Heidi!!)

Carter & Anna - can't wait to see you guys next Christmas, somehow I have a feeling we won't be able to capture a photo of you kids on the floor!!!


WOW, ALMOST ALL OF THE KIDS LINED UP (I think Anderson & Erin were trying to make a statement!)


Dinner & Cards

Friday nite we had our annual Christmas dinner with the Maggiores & Saunders. Great fun - we are so thankful for these wonderful friends. Apparently I'm the mom who doesn't wipe her son's mouth after dinner (oh well). Also, I'm the mom who doesn't feel like fighting about the red Georgia shirt & shorts that he wears day in, day out.

As you can probably tell, I was TRYING to get Christmas card picture done. UGH! So many 'almost' pictures! Anderson has recently learned the 'fake' smile. Oh brother!!

anyway, see if you can check out my slideshow:


Big Brother & Shots

Today Carter had his 6month well baby visit and he is totally 'well'!! Carter was in good spirits, poor little guy didn't know 5 shots & one oral vaccine were on their way! We got the A+ report card and then they brought in the shots. Anderson sat next to Carter and held his hand while he got the shots. At one point I thought I was going to have to console Anderson - he looked genuinely concerned for Carter. Carter did great- had a couple of whimpers (who wouldn't!) and we were on our way. Lord, thank you for the blessing of healthy, happy boys!!!


Williamsburg Grand Illumination

Sunday we had a long, but fun day. Our day started at church, then we went to Cracker Barrell with friends for lunch (can you say table for 21) then headed to Williamsburg for their Grand Illumination in Colonial Williamsburg. The boys napped in the car (thank goodness) and we were ready to go! We joined many friends for fun & fellowship - the Schrodts, the Ratz, the Maggiores & the Jacksons. The kids had a blast together and we all bundled up awaiting the amazing fireworks display. All of the homes in the Colonial section turn on the lights in their homes. It's a beautiful place. We had a great time, but were glad to climb into our warm cozy beds last nite!!!

something about boys & trees (Jacob, Josiah, Alexander & Anderson)
family pic
one of the best fireworks displays I've ever seen
Carter, such the little trooper, we left the house @ 9:00 am and didn't get back til after 8 pm! He was so good!

Meet Dr. Anderson

Saturday we went over to the new Sentara hospital on Princess Anne as they were having a free Christmas fair. All the kids got teddybears which they could take to the dr's office for treatment. Anderson named his bear Carter (go figure) and was simply getting a check-up for Carter.

The "other" Carter got to meet Santa for the first time. Of course he is in the stage of putting everything in his mouth, including Santa's beard!!

Happy Half Birthday, my little sweet potato

Today, December 3rd marks Carter's 6 month birthday! Time is flying by! I love this little guy!

He had his first taste of real food a couple days ago, until then it had been rice cereal or oatmeal. His first food = sweet potatoes. He gobbled them up without missing a beat!!