the Judds do SeaWorld 2008

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Here are my 3 Judd men preparing for our departure from Norfolk to Jacksonville - Anderson was beside himself with delight! Thank goodness for direct flights is all I'm going to say!!!!
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My little water baby!

Just like big brother, Carter is absolutely fearless of the water!! It scares me to death! I love that my boys aren't scared of the water, but at the same time I want them to respect the water. He loves going under and doesn't think twice about it - no tears, just smiles! We had to keep little man under careful watch around the pool - he would just walk in if we let him (& boy did he try!)

Carter and his favorite pool playmate, Poppa

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Slam DUNK!!!!!

This puts another meaning to the term "Slam Dunk"!!!

Anderson sound bites

I wanted to post a few 'memorable' things Anderson said during our vacation - I'm sure there were many more, but these are the ones that stick out in my mind ...

*"Daddy, do you want to eat some hot dogs & watch sports?"

*as we were playing putt-putt and we were starting a new hole, Anderson came up to me and said "Mommy, you probably won't be very good at this hole - it's really hard"

*as we landed in the airplane from ORF to JAX, Anderson said upon landing "That's what I'm talking about!!!!"

This little guy just cracks me up! I love him soooo!

Reunion 14years in the making....

Some of you friends know I've recently plugged into Facebook and thru that have reconnected with many highschool & college friends. I had a friend, Heather, from elementary thru highschool and somehow we didn't stay in touch over the years. She & her husband, Mark, live in Jacksonville FL and since we were going to be spending some time there for our vacation, we arranged to meet up (after 14years!!!!). So, here we were Mark & Heather & Mark & Heather - all UGA fans. It was so great seeing her (she looks just the same) and it was fun introducing our Marks to each other. They both love UGA, so they instantly hit it off! Besides our names, it was so neat to talk about all of the new & old things we have in common- motherhood, our children, friends, our faith, etc!

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For some reason I let Anderson convince me to tatoo him on his chest - he used to be content to tattoo his hands or arms, but now I think he has seen some grown men with tattooed chests..... Oh my! ~Check him out!!!
(BTW, he's shooting webs in case you didn't know!) ; )
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100% Boy!!

This morning we had to go back to the ENT for Carter to have his tubes 'follow-up' - - we basically woke up, had breakfast & hopped in the car for the 8:30 appt. We got to the office and had to wait for a few minutes in the waiting room - - Anderson found the children's books and for a few minutes read a VeggieTale book he had found - that only held his attention for a few minutes until he spotted the magazine stack. Do you know that Anderson ran and grabbed the latest Sports Illustrated, sat down & starting rattling off information - "mommy look" - it's Michael Phelps, look its Tiger Woods, look tennis, look football, baseball - you name it!!! Mark is definitely a sports fan, but its amazing how Anderson knows this stuff. Sure he's watched his share of college football, Braves games, the Masters, Olympics - but he's not a couch potato, so it's just amazing how boys (or men) just know sports!!!


1st Day of School!

Anderson had his 1st day of school on Wednesday - everything went off without a hitch! No tears, no whimpers -nothing but a happy preschooler!
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Challenge Accepted!!!

I graduated from my YMCA 6 week challenge today - the team leader did my 'after' measurements to see what I've accomplished in 6 weeks - - she was so proud of me - in 6 weeks of hard work - of both eating well and working out - - I have lost 12 inches! That's all around - hips, waist, bust (oh no!), thighs (oh yes!), calves, arms, etc! I could tell from my clothes that I had lost inches, but had no clue how many. Needless to say, I'm really happy with the progress I've made and at this point am considering it good 'momentum'. I'm re-enrolling in the program at the Y as I have to have the accountability. Zumba, anyone?

Labor Day in Charlotte

We headed to Charlotte for Labor Day to meet my brand new niece Anna. We had planned a trip several weeks ago but had to cancel due to Carter being sick. We left VaBeach bright & early Saturday a.m. to make it to Charlotte for lunchtime. Anderson has the BEST time playing with his cousins - Benjamin wrestled with Anderson all weekend long. According to Benjamin, Anderson is quite the opponent, especially for being almost 4 (watch out Carter!). Carter had fun running after the cousins and did great, especially considering he had tubes in on Friday!
My brand new niece Anna is so beautiful, and such a little Judd. She is 8weeks old and some change and is so easygoing (I guess being the 4th child contributes to that!)

We took the crew to Chick fil A donning our team spirit. Anderson & Mary Scott didn't want to oblige us for a pic, oh well.
Bulldawg Love
our little bulldawg pup
Mark & Brian went to rival teams - Brian went to GA Tech, Mark went to UGA

Anderson kept asking me to hold Anna.... here's the 1st time...
Anderson got to sleep in Uncle Brian's sleeping bag -all cuddled up next to his cousins - bedtime couldn't be easier - Anderson informed us that he didn't need our help
This is what Benjamin & Anderson were doing all weekend...
Anderson holding Anna again
someone needs to tell Carter that he isn't a baby anymore

We had all the kids dressed in their madras for church on Sunday - Anderson refused to get in the picture, but they were all so cute 'Mad for Madras'
Brian & Monica
MaryScott has a precious little personality - she kept paying us little 'over the booth' visits at lunch...
Carter meets Oreos.....
We didn't even have to tell him about how good milk goes with Oreos!