Anderson Field Day 2010

Anderson had his field day yesterday and he had an absolute blast. I enjoyed being able to attend and didn't have Carter with me, so I was actually able to enjoy watching him and not running after my wild-child Carter.

Relay Race - - booking it!

Basketball shoot-off- - - I mean look at his face and his hands like "I got this!"

Anderson's class' hula skills needed much improvement- it was hilarious watching them 'shake it'!
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Mother's Day fun

We headed out to my parents' home to spend Mother's Day afternoon - - we enjoyed a picnic and lots of fun outside!

Carter mastering each new playset we encounter

getting a little help from Poppi at the rockwall

Anderson learning what real pull-ups are all about - - harder than you think! I think he's ready to start P90X! ;)

Carter trying Honeysuckle for the 1st time! How sweet it is!
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The Race!

Our team was called 'Saving Second Base in the ATL'. Don't think about it too hard - - for some reason, I didn't "get" our team's name at first ... but then light bulb moment. A bit risque, but all in good fun! We were on a team with about 6 or 7 other women but I don't have a team shot....

Amy, me, Nancy

The back of our shirts indicated our line-up (us), survivors we were running for (MVPs) and angels who we ran for their memory and their courageous fight!

My goal was to run the entire 5K and I was successful - - not one stop and I felt GREAT after the race. It was quite hot and there were more hills than I expected, but other than that - I'm ready to train for another run!

after the race! YEAH, we did it!!!!
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My 1st Bib EVER!

I have forever wanted to be a runner- I was always envious of those who could just 'escape' and get their exercise no matter where they were- - sometimes I have felt really tied down with my loyalty to my classes at the gym. I LOVE my classes - - I love going into my classes and knowing exactly where my "spot" is (in front of course!) and love the comraderie I've established with many of the girls in my classes - - we may not know each others' names, but there is a sense of accountability to these 'faces'. But I have just always desired to enjoy running - I've tried many times over my life to be a runner - but probably never gave it tremendous effort or just 'hated' it from the word go. I think I never 'started' the right way either - ie I'd just go and run as far as I could -which was never really far- and just felt really discouraged.

This time was different - a new friend of mine mentioned in passing that she was running the Susan G Komen 'race for the cure' in Atlanta - - she wasn't a "runner" either, but a bonified 'gym rat' like me. As soon as she mentioned the race, I knew I wanted to do it - - I knew all I needed was a 'goal' and something to work towards. Wow. Knowing the race was coming up in XX weeks made me accountable to training. My goal has been to run the entire 5K. I've been training with my friend - -we started with interval training combining walking and running. It has been unbelievable to see how fast your endurance builds with this method.

Fast forward and now for the last 2 weeks I have joined a 'running club' through the Y. I am really enjoying it and really thrive in the aspect that I am being 'pushed' by runners. I cannot believe that last week I did a 5mile run and just this a.m. I did a 5.5mile run. I have NEVER run that far in my life. I cannot believe it!! It's really hard for me, but I am excited about my new found love. I am NOT however, excited about the notion of running in the sweltering heat of the summer - but we'll cross that bridge when we get there!!!

So if you think of it, say a little prayer for me this Saturday morning - May 8th - that I'll be able to run my 5K in entirety!

And the best part is, I am helping to support an amazing cause for women everywhere!!!!!!
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