Just for the records, I thought I would post some commentary on this new journey we're on....

*Living with my parents is going well - we fit in their home better than I anticipated. It's great having dinner be a team effort - either I make dinner & mom helps, or vice versa. It's so much easier to strategize dinner when it's not a daily effort. I know, I know - it won't be like this forever!

*Church: We had initially planned to plug right into Northpoint Community (Andy Stanley's church), but after going for several weeks we're unsure now. The church is awesome- the children's ministry is awesome and the music and message is always awesome, but it's SOOOO big that I just don't know if it fits us - I love going to church and knowing "that's where we sit" and I love knowing if someone is there or not - like an added layer of accountability.... The last 2 weeks we've gone to a church much closer to my parents home - Mark's sister actually lead worship there last week. We like it - so we'll see if the Lord wants us to stay there or lead us elsewhere....

*Anderson is doing well in his new preschool - the teachers say he is really well adjusted and fits in perfectly. He loves going to school and has been begging me to sign him up for Lunch Bunch (not gonna happen). We do the carpool line which feels very 'old' to me - like I've got a school aged child.

*Anderson is doing really well now - we are so thankful for our network of prayer warriors - I called and He answered thru your prayers! It was hours after I launched a prayer request to my dear praying friends that Anderson's heart completely changed! The power of prayer!

*Carter is adjusting well. He's starting to talk a bit which has been fun - he still signs quite a bit - offering a gamut of signs whenever he wants something! He is FINALLY starting to say Mommy, and once again that was after his vocabulary included DADDY (of course), Elmo, and the equivalent of Spiderman - Oh well, I know "mommy" will now get worn out!!!! We've been battling the winter cold season, but thank goodness his ears have been doing better since his 'tubage'.....

*I've joined a MOPS club at the church where Anderson goes to preschool - I'm enjoying the fellowship with other moms and Carter is enjoying his time 'playing'.

*I've started a Beth Moore bible study - Esther. It's my 1st Beth Moore - I knew I would love it - I can tell it will be the 1st of many more Beth Moores studies I will take. I love how on fire Beth Moore is for the Lord and I love how 'real' she is. We're only 2weeks in, but I'm devouring my homework desiring more!

*I'm hitting the gym about 4-5 times a week. I've really taken to step aerobics and am also trying out some new 'sculpting' classes. I'm quite un-toned (is that a word?) and am looking to get some definition & muscles! Our YMCA is really state of the art -it even has a rock wall in it! The boys love going to the gym so that makes it easier too!

*I'm enjoying my new role as full-time SAHM - though I miss some key friends from work, I am not missing the added stress work was bringing my way. I know my little men are enjoying me and I'm equally enjoying them.

*I've reconnected with some old friends in the area -I'm hoping some of those friendships will blossom again. It's really hard not having a network in place, but I'm certain the Lord will provide exactly the right friends for me!!! I feel a bit lonely, but know that friendships don't happen overnite....

*Mark is learning alot at his new job. December was a bit slow given the time of the year, but now he is busy busy busy. His commute is a bit rough, but we know it will get better when we settle somewhere.... Most lunches he goes to the gym. He has to leave at 6:30am to beat the ATL traffic.

*Not much to report on the home front - our home in Va Beach still hasn't sold. We're hopeful the spring will bring out the buyers! We went out for our 1st home search on Saturday just to scope out some areas & neighborhoods -it was fun and neat to see some potential 'stomping' grounds!

Anyway, that's the latest & greatest with us Judds - probably way more than you wanted to know, but it's for the record book!


Who needs training wheels?

For some reason Mark thought that Anderson was ready to lose the training wheels on his bike. I thought this was a bit pre-mature given he's only had his bike for a couple of months and he doesn't get to ride it much, but Mark thought he was ready.... Sure enough, Anderson proved me wrong - he did GREAT without training wheels. Sure, I'm quite nervous watching - but he hasn't fallen yet (though Mark has saved him a couple times). Check out the video!!! Go Anderson!
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Building our 1st home together....

Santa brought Anderson some Lincoln Logs for Christmas. We usually can only play with them once Carter is in bed otherwise, we're constantly having to 'rebuild'. Anderson & I had a great time building 'Fort Redwood'! Anderson did such a great job and he was so proud of the finished product!

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New Years 2008

Since 2001, we've spent every NewYears Eve with our friends, the O'Neills- save last year due to some lengthy travel concerns. We resumed our tradition this year with gusto and had a great time! Obviously our get together looks a bit different than our earlier years, but that's what adding 4 precious boys to the mix does! Their boys are just slightly older than ours - Evan is 4 1/2 and Drew is 20months. We had a blast & can't wait til next year!

Evan, Anderson & Drew

The ladies - me & Jill

Brian & Jill

Evan & his sparkler

Crazy Mark
Brian, the master of fireworks ceremony...
my firecracker...
Carter trying out the mini-4wheeler

Anderson & Evan in Evan's new Christmas present - the 'Arctic Cat'

what little boy doesn't LOVE a John Deere tractor?

Mark & Brian

Georgia Boy

Yesterday as I was trying to 'organize' - I realized I had one more present for Anderson that didn't make it under the tree. Lately Anderson has been giving us a tough time about 'winter' wear - saying that his winter hat is for babies - where did he get that from -I have no idea? Anyway, I thought a UGA hat would force less resistance .... SCORE!! I so love that I can find UGA wear anywhere & everywhere here - it's GREAT!
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